What Is Legendary Marketer – Does It Work?

What Is Legendary Marketer – Does It Work? You have probably heard about the program or even come across an ad for Legendary Marketer on Facebook. If you have than you might be curious as to whether or not it works. We are going to take an in depth look for ourselves.

If you are looking to venture into the online marketing industry and make money, it is important that you find the right marketing platform.

With so many programs out there to scam you of your money, it is hard to tell who wants to help you from those who want to defraud you. Legendary Marketer 3.0 happens to be one of the few that walks you through the affiliate marketing world without holding anything back. Legendary Marketer is one of the top 5 that focuses on the marketing aspect of affiliate marketing. Basically the missing piece that often times hinders you when you first start out.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Started by David Sharpe, Legendary Marketer 3.0 is a web based marketing program that trains you on affiliate marketing. Moreover, it allows you to earn affiliate commissions when you encourage other people to join. It’s main emphasize is on marketing. You can literally take the strategies taught and apply it to any business. The mission of this program is to help people to start online businesses and grow existing ones using tested marketing strategies.

Legendary marketing does this by providing digital courses and personalized virtual coaching and supportive mastermind events. This means that you get to learn about marketing while still making money. Legendary Marketer pays out an attractive no less than 40 percent of commission on all sales.Since it started David Sharpe has paid out over a million plus just in commissions. A little background the owner David Sharpe is not a fly-by-night wonder either. He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and even in Forbes. He knows what works.

David Sharpe Legendary Marketer

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer works as a single level affiliate system where you get a commission when you refer people, and they make a sale. Depending on the sale they make, you can get between 40 and 60 percent of what comes from the member you refer.

This is unlike multi-level marketing that works on the premise that the earlier you join a program, the more money you make. However, Legendary Marketer gives you commission on products that you have also purchased. This ensures that the company benefits as well since you must buy the product.

Earlier versions allowed you to automatically become an affiliate when you joined the Legendary Marketer’s club. You would also start earning a commission on a product that you had already bought or would opt to get a commission on the 4th sale of a product.

Today, however, Legendary Marketer 3.0 allows you to become an affiliate by applying for it. There are two types of statuses:

  • Basic affiliate: this is a free account but it earns fewer commissions as compared to the pro-affiliate. You can earn between 10 to 30 percent.
  • Pro-affiliate: this affiliate status requires you to pay $30 per month. It offers you training modules on how to run your online marketing for legendary marketing more effectively. It also offers very high commissions of between 40 and 60 percent.

You need to promote your offers. The links that you have must be promoted adequately and this requires money and time. The promotions are what drive business to Legendary Marketer. In addition to the training modules, a success coach is also offered to you when you start the program. The coach helps you to reach your financial goals in a shorter time.

You need to keep in mind, however, that you need to buy the product in order to sell it. Some of their products, however, are very expensive for the average Joe. Most of the reviewers, however, have agreed that the money invested is all worth it.

The practical marketing skills offered are bound to work in business for a very long time. Another downside is that Legendary Marketer wants you to promote only their products.

As such, the site does not teach you how to be self-reliant since you cannot sell anything that is not theirs on the site. This does not compare well with some other affiliate programs.

Additionally, you may incur significantly higher expenses since Legendary Marketer works with paid traffic. If you are short on money, therefore, using this platform can be quite a challenge.

LM Business Challenge

Legendary Marketer Products- Several To Choose From

1: Legendary Marketers Club

Legendary Marketers Club

This is the flagship product. This a monthly subscription marketing club that offers training and resources to help you grow and scale an online business. For only $30 per month. You receive monthly access to a live virtual training workshop taught by an expert on marketing and sales management. Topics covered here include:

  • Creating leads and tracking sales
  • Facebook ads
  • Using social media platforms to grow online business
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle

Legendary Marketer takes you through the tricks that you need to succeed in online marketing campaigns on big platforms. They also train you on how to create landing pages that are compliant with existing policies and regulations to prevent you from losing an account. With this package, you get to learn all the behind the scenes of online advertising in addition to receiving lifetime updates in case any changes are made to any platform.



2: Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing LM

This product teaches you how to improve your affiliate marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing refers to promoting other people’s products through an affiliate network. If people buy those products due to your marketing efforts, you earn a commission. Legendary Marketers affiliate marketing business blueprint will give you tips on how to look for winning products to promote and how to stay relevant even in the long run.



3:Digital Products Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer teaches strategies on how to sell digital products. Digital products are less time-consuming and you do not worry about the logistics of storage, taxes, shipping, or importing.

  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

Legendary Marketer trains you on how to reduce the overheads and amount of information in business. It trains you on how to turn your business into a service based one to cut on costs. With it, you get to know how to deliver services while scaling down on costs for maximum profit. You also get to learn how to identify your specific niche and how to develop a pitch.

  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

This product teaches you how to organize and plan events with the least costs. You also learn how to become a great facilitator who can create a great environment that people will love attending.

How Much Does Legendary Marketer’s Cost?

Once you have decided to join the platform, the next step is reviewing its cost. So, how much does it cost to join Legendary Marketer? When getting started with Legendary Marketer, you will need to join the Legendary Marketer club that costs $30 per month. This subscription allows you to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Accessing live half-day virtual training
  • New lesson each month
  • Access to a wide array of marketing topics
  • Learning the basics of internet marketing
  • Access to promotion resources and materials like banner ads, ad copy, landing pages, and video ads.

What’s Legendary Marketer Refund Policy?

Legendary Marketer offers a 30-day money back guarantee of subscription-based products. This means that you will get to try out Legendary Marketer without worrying about losing money. If you feel the program is not for you, you can choose to opt out of it and get a full refund while at it.

Legendary Marketer offers step by step training with a success coach to help you grow your online business. The system gives specific tips as opposed to random ones that give you a detailed plan on how to make your business grow online. Compared to other affiliate sites out there, Legendary Marketer has simpler and more customized online marketing strategies.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

In a word, NO it is a well thought out platform that has helped quite a few people quit their 9 to 5 jobs. Is this a get-rich-quick program. No. It does require work and due diligence. Nobody is going to and you an income. If you run across any programs online that offer you fast riches without any work, they will be scams or in the very lest low quality programs.

The owner and creator, David Sharpe, has a wealth of experience in online marketing with multi billion companies to show. Legendary Marketer is free to join. You can begin with their free 15 day business challenge and take it for a test drive. The amount of knowledge that is given for free during that 15 day challenge is worth more than your time. It is worth your full attention.

One Last Product From Legendary Marketer – Free Book

If you would rather read a regular book, than this would be the one. You pay only for shipping and handling. I can tell you from reading this myself it is jam packed with valuable information that you can take straight to the bank.

How To Build An Online Digital Marketing Business And Earn Unlimited Income From Anywhere In The World

Hope you enjoyed this review of Legendary Marketer if you found this article helpful, valuable or insightful please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought. Thank you for your time

Cathy Retiree Super Affiliate




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11 thoughts on “What Is Legendary Marketer – Does It Work?”

  1. Hey there!  Legendary looks really good.  I love the graphics of your program.  The look is very professional.  Thanks for sharing information about your platform. It goes beyond typical programs in that it appears to be focused on the long term and even into retirement.  I will definitely follow what you are doing.

    Question, are you affiliated with WA?  The offerings are similar.  Thanks for the video, also.  Your site looks like what I want in the future as I become more experienced.

    You also appear very knowledgeable, so you obviously have done your research and learned from experience also.  Good luck and hope to see what you’re up to in the future.

    • Yes I am affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate also. Legendary Marketer and WA are similar has that they both focus on the long term. You can gain passive income, knowledge and know how from both. Good luck. You can sign up as an affiliate for free also.

  2. Hi Cathy, thanks for your insights.

    Have you got any information on how it compares to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform?

    The $30 fee looks relatively small on a monthly basis, does it also provide website assistance and detailed content help?

    The big thing that stands out is the need to generate paid traffic, which obviously requires a considerable budget and or capital injection from the start, which is achievable for some, but many will struggle with having that upfront cost.

    • I do both Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary marketer. The main difference is that Legendary does focus primarily on marketing. Where Wealthy Affiliate covers the overall business and how to start websites and content knowledge. They both have some pluses to them. I would recommend going through LM’s business challenge yourself you can get a lot of nuggets just from that course which is free to test drive and as I stated to someone else sign up as an affiliate at the same time. That is what I did and it has been working.

  3. Hi Cathy, thank you for Legendary Marketer review. It looks quiet lucrative, since I want to learn more about how to use social media for marketing. On the other hand, one lesson per month sounds a little to little in my opinion. But then again, it’s reassuring to know it’s a legit programme, specially because there are so many scammers out there.

    Would you recommend Legendary Marketer to a beginner, is it suitable and sufficient for a beginner or would you rather point them to another programme?  



    • I would recommend it as a beginner yes. I would also recommend doing what I did you can sign up as an affiliate and than also sign up for their 15 dy business challenge. There is an awful lot of useful nuggets just in the business challenge and that is free to test drive. Take what you learn there and apply it as an affiliate.

  4. Hi! I’ll give Legendary Marketer 3.0 a try as a Basic Affiliate. I’d like to test drive the platform first for free. I know that to promote our offers efficiently, it will require a learning curve to be covered, but I’m whiling. I’m a bit concerned about these expensive products we need to buy before being able to promote them. But I still join to promote the basic stuff first and see how it goes.

  5. This sounds pretty impressive; I mean who wouldn’t want to be a member of Legendary Marketing. I’d like to learn more about this great platform. I believe this is right. Not only does the information teach you how to build a site, but also teaches you how to use the tools to get the job done. This information makes it easier to build a site. 

  6. Hi Cathy
    This program sounds ok so I might take a look for free and see if it will suit my needs as an Affiliate
    Thank you

    • That is awesome. I came across this from Roope he is a member of both Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate and he knows his stuff. Anyways I have been doing the 15 day business challenge and it is jam packed with information and golden nuggets. Have fun I think you will enjoy it.


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