What Is Content Writing About ? (Affiliate Marketing)

What is content writing about? How can you use it to your advantage for affiliate marketing? Those are the two main questions everybody wants to know. The short answer is about giving value.

What is Content Writing About ?

Let’s start with the main definition as laid out by the Content Marketing Institution (yes there is an institution for this) they state ” Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” There are a few key take aways just from the definition. The first and most important one is giving value. This has to be value that is relevant to your target audience and relating to what that target audience is looking for.

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Why Is Content Writing Important ?

Why is content writing important ? For starters, Let’s look at job and income opportunities. Websites run on content and if you can produce great content you can make an exceptional living. Not only could you have your own website, but there are numerous outsourcing opportunities from web owners and businesses looking for fresh new value oriented content. The internet today is vastly different from just 20 years old. There are 5 and 6 figure opportunities everywhere, that afford the average person to easily retire and work from home. The best part content writing is not only multi faceted and evergreen meaning always in demand, it can be run as a legitimate business.

Some Content Writing Examples.

Once you figure out how to do quality content writing you will never run out of options to making money online. The possibilities are literally endless.

One of the best examples is what you are reading right now. This article is a prime example of content writing. You did a search on “what content writing is” and you ended up on this website. The aim of this article is to give you value on what you were searching for. The other aim in content writing from an affiliate’s point of view is to direct your target audience towards what you are promoting or in this case recommending. What I am recommending is a top-notch platform that will teach and guide you on exactly how to create content and start a website of your own.

Another example of content writing is the use of infographics this type of content writing is very popular right now because of social media. They are basically long, vertical graphics that can contain anything from stats, charts to graphs and any other useful information to the reader pertaining to a specific topic. This is a great form of content marketing. Look at the below image..that is an info graphic. wordpressEasy to set up and design with sites such as canva.com or adobe photoshop. If you wanted to outsource you could pay a designer. Bring Your Idea – We’ll Handle The Rest! Start, Run, & Grow Your Business – Freelancers At Your Service.

Once you have your info graphic designed and laid out, the next step is social media. Pinterest is an excellent venue based on visual appeal, you can add a description or a call to action and pin it to your board or the board of anybody your following. Almost instant marketing. Another visual media platform is Instagram.

Traditional Advertising vs. Marketing by Content Writing

This section could very well be an article in itself but I will briefly describe the differences.In order for this to make some sense you have to understand the customer buying cycle.

Image of buyers process

  1. Awareness – easy the buyers needs something. Buyer starts looking for ways to get what they need or want.
  2. Research – Buyer finds what they want to get and starts the process of researching for different brands, also in this phase customer digs even deeper and wants to learn what features the item or even service offers them. In a nutshell buyers wants to know how it benefits them. ( Understand this and you will go far )
  3. Consideration – In this step the customer starts to compare and get different opinions. They want the highest quality and biggest bang for their buck.
  4. Purchasing – Customer makes a decision and purchases.

Traditional marketing or advertising only focuses on research and consideration and yes that still works, but if you only rely on the traditional way of advertising you are leaving money on the table. Content writing for content marketing taps into the first two stages of the buying process by raising awareness of solutions and educating customers about a product they may have never considered before. Traditional advertising does not focus on awareness or educating. Customers will find your content and if they find value in it chances are they will end up purchasing whatever it is you are recommending. Notice again I said recommending not selling! Why? Because, content marketing you are giving them value without a high pressured sales pitch. That is also the fastest way to build trust, which can and does lead to customer retention. If a customer or consumer trusts the brand or your authority in a given niche they will be loyal to that brand or authority. Proven fact.


My final thoughts on this, content writing is a viable,legitimate way to make money online and it is sustainable and passive. What you can write and create now can pay you dividends well into the future, if done right.

The return on investment can be phenomenal if executed correctly. I don’t spend a dime on my own content marketing, or even that much time really. I would say 95% of the success and income I have experienced with content marketing is from the articles and reviews I’ve written. It sure beats a nine to five job with a boss looking over your shoulder.

If you would like to learn more on how all this works and the steps to succeed with your own website then click on the button below titled YES, I WANT THIS… See you at the top.

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Cathy Retiree Super Affiliate


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14 thoughts on “What Is Content Writing About ? (Affiliate Marketing)”

  1. In this day and age, I agree with you that content marketing is the way to go forward. Of course, there will always be paid marketing, but I know that whenever I see a paid advertisement I usually skip right over it to where the content marketing starts.

    Staying relevant online via content marketing is the way new businesses are going to move into a different type of marketing online.

    Originally when I started content marketing, in my mind I felt it was really slow to get any traction going. But now I realize it’s the only way to go because once your post it’s the first page, it’s smooth sailing.

    • I could not agree more. When I first started online paid marketing was the thing and it was costly. Still is from what I have seen. Yet the numbers and data do agree that content writing is long term and passive. What is written today might seem slow but it has staying power for years that paid advertising doesn’t.

  2. Very interesting piece of writing. I use to hear about this saying from most affiliate marketers that content is the king. They also claim that it can make or mar one’s success online. Content writing would definitely present a win win situation to both the affiliate, seller and the traffic because all parties would be satisfied if the content could convert into sales. Nice post

    • Content writing for most is about value and educating this is true.As you pointed out it can be a win win situation. Not only does the consumer get valuable information about whatever it is they are searching for but you as a content writer and web owner could very well get a lifetime follower.

  3. Dear Cathy,

    Thanks for the article I enjoyed it, I must say I found your article highly uplifting and educational.

    Being a full-time blogger and purely relying on organic traffic, producing valuable and quality content is my main job. I got great insights from your article. I am not aware that there is a Content Marketing Institution.

    Indeed, producing relevant, quality, helpful and valuable content is a must and it will add value to the visitors. And the benefits are numerous.

    Quality content writing is the best way to drive potential organic traffic to our site and you don’t need to spend any money for traffic or chase the customers. The customers will find you.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    • Wonderful to see you Paul and thank you so much for your input. When I first started researching for this article I was mildly surprised to find a content writing institute myself. Just goes to show how valuable content really is to businesses. Cathy

  4. Content is definitely king and doing content writing the right way can make a huge difference on the growth of a website. Creating valuable content is extremely important that people now hire experts to do this for them. 

    Writing content is important but the fact is if ones content is not valuable it can do more harm than good. Some people are scared of starting a website or blog and this is probably due to the fact that they might feel that they are not good enough in writing.

    As much as this might be true I think that writing content is something almost anyone can learn. Even the now turned experts were not perfect when they first started writing content online but with some practice they have become more than they would have imagined when it comes to creating valuable content.

    • Oh yes for sure I had the same thoughts when I first started out. In fact it scared me to think that I had to write LOL Now I look forward to it because I know I am giving value to my readers and hopefully educating them along the way of the many viable possibilities for income that the internet provides today.

  5. Great website! Providing rich content is the most important part of having a successful website because people like to read and learn about what they are searching for. The more valuable, relevant content you write the more traffic you get into your website because you will have returning users to your website to learn more about what you are providing to them.

    • Thank you for your input. Yes I strongly believe and have seen proof even in my own earnings that content writing and marketing does indeed work.

  6. Hi, I have gone through retiree super affiliate advert and it’s quite moving affiliate programs, my question is what makes it stand out from the rest of affiliate so that one or more people can be interested to roll in cos at the moment there are dozens of affiliate programs and you are left to wonder which is the best and legit, how much is needed to Jump start this program, how much is the domain? it could be of help if you show in detail of the total amount for someone to be able to know his budget incase anyone wants to begin or enrol in the program. thanks.

    • If you are talking about the affiliate program and platform I recommend the most Wealthy Affiliate than the cost is free to start…if you upgrade to premium it is $49 per month that includes hosting,site support,step by step training,that is hosting up to 50 websites (25 free and 25 paid) The domains are only #13.99 for a year which includes SSL and emails. No upsells ever and no added charges for the extras most providers will charge for those ie SSL and emails. You can find all the details here
      Thank you for reading and replying

  7. Hi Cathy, Great informative post. I have heard of “content is king.” Content Marketing must be what they mean.

    You know when I am looking for a review, so I purchase the best product, I look at 2 or 3 posts and go with the one product that has the best write up. I also look for someone that I feel like I can trust.

    I click out to the ones that are all words taken the company product review. It is easy to tell which ones they are.

    So it is all about getting your readers to trust your word?

    • Absolutely if you are into affiliate marketing or even just writing how to type review articles. Content marketing is the way to go. It builds trust with your audience and if they trust you they will continue to return.


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