Webtalk – Social Media Hub That Shares Their Ad Revenue With Members


Webtalk – Social Media Hub For Business and Personal That Shares Their Ad Revenue With Members

Webtalk is social media but with a few twists. It is free to join however it is and will be by invite only. Your Invite Is a Click Away RIGHT HERE


What Makes Webtalk Different?

Webtalk they have a patent pending CRM system,most of you are familiar with CRM’s It stands for Customer Reservation Management sytem. They have been around for a long time for example if you have ever booked an airline ticket either online or with a customer service agent. They used a CRM system for that booking. Same goes for another example booking a hotel room or even a restuarant.

However I believe this will be the first time a socil media company has tried it,hence it is patent pending technology.With it you can manage your personal,business,your business conections networks,everything can be organized and seperated if you want to. Unlike Facebook it is better handled and you have control over what news you want to see. You can organize your business into different categories also. Say you want to brainstorm or collaborate on a project you now have a way to do so, away from your other contacts if you so choose.

Webtalk is best described as Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube,a little Instagram and Twitter all rolled into one.

They will also be rolling out a Webtalk marketplace, Facebook tried something similiar and it has not gone as intended. Webtalk however again taking it to the next level will be similiar to having say Amazon and Ebay together.

And Now For The Biggest Twist Yet!!

webtalk social

Take a few moments and watch the video you will be glad you did.

                 You can watch thier video here

Just look at some of the numbers ;

Facebook has over 2 billion users that are active.

Youtube the second largest at 1.5 billion users.

You have Twitter at around 300 million users,with at least 500 million tweets per day.

Linkedin with around 188 million users per day.

The one thing ALL of these media networks have in common; is they generate their revenue from paid advertising.

What if they shared it with their users,how much better off would we be?

This is what makes Webtalk different — They will be sharing their revenue in the form of commissions with their users.At a 5 degree of sseperation algoritym


 Webtalk and their Social CPX Affiliate Program Plan

Once registered you are alrready an affiliate you will find a lot more information once on the platform.

It breaks down to Webtalk sharing a whopping 50% of their ad revenue with its users for life. There are some requirements like setting up your profile 100% complete. Very easy to do.

The other requirement is once signed up you bring family,friends,bussiness to become members you will get 10% Webtalk revenue for life. Also very easy to do with all the buzz around this new site.You can also earn a number of other different ways. If one of your referrals upgrades to a pro or Imeet plan you will get 10% commission from it as well.

Also coming soon is: Market Place Commission, 1% when your customer buys from Webtalk’s Marketplace or App Store.

For the first million users this will be a 5 tier plan:

Here is an example:

You can make $10 on your 1st level

100$ on your second level

$1000 on your 3rd level

$10000 on your 4th level

$100000 on your 5th level

Everymonth forever.

This is for example only results will vary.
Hurry the news are spreading fast
Now ask yourself? What if Facebook had done that?

You are in control of who sees what and when. You don’t have to add fellow workers, friends, and family on the same online network. You can label your connections as in real life, professionally or personally.

Never been done before.

With built-in professional, personal and public network Webtalk permits you to manage your online activities in one media.

If you would like information on how to build your own business online,this is my Number 1 Recommendation











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