Voice Over Genesis Review – A Good Way To Make Money?

Voice Over Genesis Review – A Good Way To Make Money?


Name: VOGenesis or Voice Over Genesis

Website: http://www.vogenesis.com

Price: $39.95 down sell for $19 will show you how (one time no reoccurring charge)

3 Different Upsells available priced from $37.00 to $47.00

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 stars – Legit Home Based Business

One of the things that I like to point my readers to are other legitimate home businesses, when I find them. There are plenty out there besides affiliate marketing. The one in question today is VOGenesis. I first learned of this one in my email folder from another affiliate marketer that I have been subscribed to for years they usually just send me tips and techniques. This time however the headline caught my attention. “Is VoGenesis a good idea for money” You bet your sweet voice it is! Well it was enough to grab my attention. So I just had to go check it out and research it myself.

Here is my review.

VoGenesis Review :

Now my first impression from the sales page has me saying, no way is this the real deal. They are waving all the red flags around that scream scam. They claim that you can make upwards to $1000 per hour! Most anything that claims to make that much doing practically nothing is a scam program.



However, that being said ; in this case, except for their lousy sales page they have a fairly good product filled with great information.

So just what is VoGenesis? and who is it for?

In a nut shell VoGenesis is a PDF how to step by step guide into the world of paid voice over actors. This teaches you and shows you how to start your own voice over career from home.

According to voices.com, which is one of the leading sites for voice over jobs and freelancing work, as a voice actor you could earn anywhere from $100 for a 15-second recording, as high as $3000 for an audio book recording. That is not too shabby for something that can be done in your pajamas or while out enjoying your retirement in the RV. seeing the world. After you have gotten more and more experience you could potentially retire just from this one opportunity with vogenesis expertise guiding you in the right directions.

The primary concept in this particular how to guide is voice over. Voice – overs have already been extremely well-liked as well as very desired recently. Hence, this manual affords the basic issues you need to have to pay attention to as well as first and foremost giving you the specifics of exactly how to discover a task being a voice over and also earn money.

vogenesis program

The principle need for voice overs emanates from manufacturers of video lessons and also documentaries. In voice over, one particular doesn’t require expertise or just about any expertise however instead all you require is an interesting voice as well as capability to review.

The video clips include many fascinating and effective information. By way of example, Jenny advocates that into your demos you supply 4 various “tones”. They’re purely natural communicating voice, industrial voice, narrator voice, and also promoting voice.

Besides the guidebook as well as a movie program, there are also two bonus PDF s. First one “How to Triple Your Voiceover Fees”,19 pages long . The 2nd bonus, “How to Get More Voiceover Gigs Than You Can Handle”. Even the two bonuses are well written and laid out. Both include lots of valuable info. One bonus in particular handles advertising and marketing your voice over support. This can be useful in just about any niche, not just voice over.

What to Expect From VOGenesis:

VO Genesis is an educational and informational guide on voice-over in the form of a PDF guidebook, and for the small price that is charged, it is very informative.

Some things you will learn or have questions to:

  • Types of voice over jobs I can do, as not everyone is suited for every job

    E.g.: radio and TV commercials, cartoons, telephone system recordings, podcasts, audio books, educational and training videos, etc.

  • The basic techniques and tone suited for different types of jobs
  • Equipment and costs required to set up a voice booth and simple home studio for voice recording
  • How to grow a home-based business to a full time job
  • How to record a demo and send to your potential clients
  • How to edit your voice over works
  • How to develop your skills as a voice actor
  • Which websites to find potential voice acting jobs, and which of them pay better rates

Let’s Cut Right To The Chase:

The old saying: Sounds too good to be true than it probably is. Well sometimes a duck is actually a duck. If you are thinking that becoming a voice over actor might be a great way to make money or even starting a career as a voice actor. Than this is for you. This is the genuine thing.

vogenesis with bonuses


As a bonus for reading my full review if you decide to give vogenesis a try, you can get it for only $19.95 instead of the regular price of $39.95

All you will have to do in order to receive that price is when you get to their sales page scroll to the top and try to close it, you will get a pop up asking if you want to leave the page click no stay on page. At that time the page will redirect you to another sales page where the price will be lower. Simply click off the page as before and as before you will get the same popup, click where it says stay on page. This time the sales page presented is going to be for $19.95 that is their lowest price so purchase at this point.

All purchases also come with a 60-day return or replacement guarantee, so if for what ever reason you decide vogenesis is not for you, simply refund.

Can you make money with this system?

Yes it is very possible. As with any business however you will have to put in some effort, as far as the learning the how’s and why’s of the voice over business. It can be fun and very rewarding.

Personally I will stick to affiliate marketing as I just don’t have much of a voice. Maybe for karaoke but that is it. If you would prefer more information on how to become a successful affiliate marketer, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They are an online affiliate educational platform. They have everything you need to get started including 2 free websites upon joining. It is Free as a starter member. They have helped me have a steady supplemental income on the side.


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8 thoughts on “Voice Over Genesis Review – A Good Way To Make Money?”

  1. Hello Cathy C;
    Your blog is very interesting, have you ever thought of having people call you on the phone and tell them whether they have a voice for this? Some people I know have a great voice on the phone but not when you are speaking to them in person. How can you find out if this could be right for them? Wishing you all the best.


    • One of the ways is to record your voice as if you are carrying on an animated conversation with a friend then submit your recording demo to the different voice jobs. Like voices.com is a network for voice actors.

    • Than this should be right up your alley then. This is guide is laid out in a very easy to understand way. I learned alot about an industry that I had no prior knowledge of. So if your a retired entertainer it would be a good fit for you,and could be relatively easy for you.

  2. I absolutely agree, Cathy. that every business takes work. I will go even further…anything in life that is worthwhile takes work and dedication.

    Thanks for giving this information.

  3. Being skeptical of scams, I would definitely have stayed away, after seeing their sales page. But thanks to your review, I can now rest assured that this is a legit program.

    I have seen a lot of voice over stuff popping up online lately, specially with the Amazon Audible. There really is a lot of potential within this industry, including promotional videos, animated films and so on.

    VOgenesis sounds like a great place to start.

    • Absolutely i think their sales page is lacking and a little too good to be true…but the product is really good…yes amazon..barnes and noble for their audio nook books lots of possibilities.voice.com is just one site dedicated to voice over actors it is a viable income opportunity.


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