Virtual Entrepreneurs Association Review – VEA Yes

Virtual Entrepreneurs Association Review

Product: Virtual Entrepreneurs Association
Creator: Daven Michaels
Launch Date: 2019-Aug-01
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Price: 14 Day Free Trial
Official Website: Click Here To Join
Recommended? Yes, Absolutely

What Is  VEA – Virtual Entrepreneurs Association?

The Virtual Entrepreneurs Association (aka VEA) is a membership & community platform that provides business owners and entrepreneurs with hundreds of thousands of discounts, business resources, mentorship, community support, and world-class education to help them on their entrepreneurial mission.

They also offer members a ton of exclusive discounts on things they need for life and business including:

  • Over 55,000 Restaurants
  • 500,000 Hotel Properties
  • 35,000 Movie Theaters
  • 35,000 Business & Personal Services
  • 13,000 Entertainment Options
  • 33,000 Shopping Offers

Building a successful business requires bringing together a lot of moving parts… and they all cost money. VEA is committed to helping small business owners take a chunk out of their day-to-day expenses by negotiating discounts on business & personal services, travel, entertainment, dining, and more!

These discounts can be found at your trusted local mom-and-pop shops, as well as nationwide and global companies you spend money with every day.

Some Amazing Features

  • Fast Track To Success

The VEA association provides top-tier education, resources, and community support to enable our members to enjoy success and enrichment in both their business ventures and in their personal lives. If you do not know where to start VEA gives you a 52-week, customized business training series.

Free Courses

Expert Interviews plus they are interactive in real time

VEA Events – Done all over the globe – Different partners added all the time

Money – Get capital for your business – application process involved – but very worth the time

VEA Accelerator – Capital for your start ups

Medical and Health Discounts


VEA is committed to helping small business owners take a chunk out of their day-to-day expenses by negotiating discounts on business & personal services, travel, entertainment, dining, and more!

These discounts can be found at your trusted local mom-and-pop shops, as well as nationwide and global companies you spend money with every day.

Ready for the next level? VEA can connect you with investors, business loans, lines of credit, and many more financing options.

Expand your network

When you increase the value of your network, you raise the ceiling for future business deals, credibility & industry influence.

With VEA you can grow like a start up,even if you have been in business for awhile. Find the resources you need (mentorship, education, discounts, accountability) to launch your business into the stratosphere!

Why Join VAE ? You would be crazy not too

  • Weekly mentorship calls – Learn cutting-edge business practices, ask questions, and build a better business.
  • Access to experts in business, the conversation, share expertise, receive support, and more.
  • Executive education comprehensive learning center where members have exclusive access to top-tier business courses.
  • Global Events – VEA’s global events focus on relationship building, education, and sharing the latest and greatest in business trends, growth hacks, and marketing strategies.
  • Exclusive Discounts – VEA partners with a wide range of top notch providers to bring our members exclusive offers and discounts. The average VEA Member saves nearly $300 to $700 per month. We are talking name brand companies ie Avis,Budget,Office Depot and tons more!
  • Business and Marketing Resources – members have special access to resources from software development, to PR, to graphic design, to legal, to group coaching, to accountability and  more.
  • Skill based business and marketing training
  • Travel Incentives

This is a monthly membership of only $19.95 yet you get thousands of dollars in value each and every month.

Plus if you sign up now

LIMITED TIME OFFER – Start Your Trial Now & Receive a Free VEA Stainless Steel Mug + Personalized Membership Card

Another added bonus to being a Virtual Entrepreneur Association member is that just by telling others and referring it can be a business in itself as they offer 40 percent commission rate


In Conclusion

I give this a 100 percent YES recommendation. There is just so much value here it is a no brainer. Free 14 day trail to test it out and than only $19.95 per month. That is less than a dinner out now a days. Just the discounts that you can get by being a member is worth the cost. But more important is the resources and education exclusively for entrepreneurs!!!


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  1. Programs that have amazing deals for its members is just a winner for me. I like to believe that if mentors take their time to call their members, then that is definitely a legit program.

    $19.95 a month is really a good price for all the values you have highlighted.

    Thank you for taking the time to give us this useful review.

    1. Yes this is not only a legit educational platform but a legit business as well if you are looking for a great source for recurring income. The owner Daven Michaels has been in the online world for 30 years now and he knows his stuff.

  2. Beautiful review here on virtual entrepreneur association. This looks like a really good course that can help entrepreneurs build their brand and become successful. I think that Vea has done a great job to offer all this features for a very low price and also offer a 14 day free trial. The trainings and weekly mentorship calls will be really awesome. 

    1. Yes not only the mentoring phone calls but the accountability that is one of the hardest things for affiliate marketers,entrepreneurs in general to hold too. It is a great source for an added recurring income stream as well. Right now it is $5 for every member that you can sign up. A win win all the way around for sure,so get your free trail and check it out, The members area is awesome.

  3. Of all the information I read about this virtual entrepreneurs association, the part that got me spot on is the referral program and the commission associated with it. 40% is huge and I think I will get myself involved in this just for the sake if the referral program. Though they offer a very great platform to entrepreneurs to build a worthy network, however, I belong to such community already. But the referral is worthy of joining.

    1. I agree with you the recurring income is great. As far as the community if you are referring to wealthy affiliate which I am also a member of it is akin to that. Like minded folks and a lot of great knowledge to be add.

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