Traffic Travis Search Engine Optimization Tool Review

One of the things that many website owners and affiliate marketers are looking for are different tools to help in their day to day online businesses. If you are a website owner already or are just getting started you will want to start getting a IM (internet marketing) tool box together. This will be an assortment of programs, plug ins, software, auto responders etc. that will ultimately help you in day to day online business.

Traffic Travis is one such tool.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a desktop software that is designed to help online businesses boost their website traffic.

It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click monitoring and general market research.

Traffic Travis is a tool that helps with your seo, search engine, keyword and basic research. You can track your site’s performance
and you can also peek under the hood of your competitors’ sites.

Will Traffic Travis help you rank in Google? Possibly but it does so much more:

  • Tracks your search engine rankings
  • Spy on your competition – yes legally
  • Discover why your competitors are beating you.
  • Helps you discover through research how you can beat them and out rank them !
  • Uncover what the best PPC keywords are that will help make you money.
  • Discover the PPC keywords your competitors have missed!


To do the same job Traffic Travis does you’d need to buy multiple products usually at a higher price.

You can choose between the free version and professional version.

The free version has limitations and it is more like a trial version. The free version only lets you see 100 of your competitors’ back links. The professional version also lets you track the rankings of unlimited websites (including your competitors’) and it gives you more accurate keyword difficulty readings. If you are serious about SEO, I would recommend getting the professional version.

What’s the difference between the “Free Version” and the “Professional Version” of Traffic Travis?

The free version is fully functional software. It will do most of what the professional version will do, but has some heavy limitations.

The premium version has no limitations and is much more powerful. Here is some things it does that the free version doesn’t:

  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • More keyword research results and more detailed data.
  • More detailed analysis of SEO competition. Easily see how hard it will be to rank for any keyword.
  • Ability to compare back links among multiple websites at once.
  • A more powerful Adwords analysis tool.
  • Ability to search for domain availability for multiple keywords simultaneously.
  • No data caps on API calls.
  • White label branding of reports.

Take a look at the walk through video of Traffic Travis

Watch video!

How novice users benefit from Traffic Travis:

  • Provides a page analysis tool which examines the on-page SEO of a page, returns an SEO “score” for the page and provides suggestions for improving the pages’s SEO.
  • Shows where your site is ranking in the search engines for your keywords, so you can see at a glance rather than trawling through pages of search engine listings. It will even keep track of your previous positions so you can see whether your site is moving up or down over time.
  • See who is linking to you. Traffic Travis finds your back links and displays important information about them including their source and the anchor texts used.
  • Traffic Travis can find your competitors’ back links.
  • You get all these tools in 1 piece of software so you don’t need to visit a multitude of websites to analyze a website.

What more experienced users will be able to do:

  • The key benefit for more experienced users is providing a one-stop-shop for search engine optimization, rather than relying on multiple tools on multiple websites. Being able to easily cross-reference information is a very important benefit and allows users to save a considerable amount of time when researching their market and competitors. The PPC tools are so comprehensive and useful that they could easily be released as a separate product (there are products on the market retailing for up to USD$200).
  • Takes the tedium out of tasks like finding search engine positions, finding back links, analyzing keyword density etc. Some experienced users will find these tools online on various websites, but Traffic Travis brings these tools and others to the desktop, which saves time.
  • The ability to store and analyze historical data shows you the bigger trends in a market over time. Is your competitor’s site going up or down in the search rankings? Do these keywords have a high turnover of PPC advertisers, indicating that they might not be very profitable? Which words are your competitors bidding on, and which ones do they drop?
  • Provides advanced statistics, such as tracking the IP addresses of the back links coming into your site (advanced users want their back links to come from a variety of IP addresses). It pools these statistics into one screen so you can easily see and compare them.
  • Powerful PPC research tools. You want to be sure that your campaigns are going to be profitable – especially your paid campaigns. Traffic Travis gives you a comprehensive range of data to thoroughly examine a market. Using a keyword list you can see which sites are bidding on certain keywords; whether they continue to bid on these keywords over time; the movement of ads in the search engines over time; an analysis of keywords to see which words attract consistent, stable competition.
  • Project graphs and reports that SEO and PPC professionals can either print or email to their clients.

The key benefit for more experienced users is providing a one-stop-shop for search engine optimization, rather than relying on multiple tools on multiple websites. Being able to easily cross-reference information is also a very important benefit, saves countless time-wasting hours when doing research and trying to beat competitors. The pay per click tools feature alone could easily cost up to $200 or more elsewhere.

How to get started

  1. Download the FREE Traffic Travis software here or the Professional Traffic Travis software
  2. . Add your website and your keywords
  3. Perform an SEO check.
  4. Start crushing your competition

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  1. Understanding where you are going wrong with your SEO is really important so you can fix it quickly and learn how not to make the same mistakes again.

    You say it is a desktop software, is it right to presume you have to download it to your computer?  Is it compatible with Mac?

    I notice there is the free version and the professional version, can i ask how much is the professional package?


    1. You would have to download this to your computer yes. A Mac unfortunately it is not compatible as far as I am aware. The professional version is $97.00 one time

  2. Traffic Travis have really good benefits. I will really give traffic Travis a try because it gives me an edge over potential competitors. As a wealthy affiliate member I can use jaxxy for keyword research and even search engine ranking but I really want to know how traffic Travis will help spy on competitors blog and give me the edge.

  3. Thank you for this comprehensive, educating review for internet newbie like me who wants to start earning money on internet. Truly, owning a website is really fundamental in making money on internet. But making money would be practically impossible if the website is not getting traffic. So this Traffic Travis is really cool for for beginners like me in helping our website gain and monitor traffic

  4. At first, I will thank the proprietor of this blog. Since he imparts to us such something essential with us. Traffic Travis is work area programming that is intended to enable online organizations to support their site traffic. It is an across the board apparatus for site design improvement (Search engine optimization), pay-per-click observing and general statistical surveying. Traffic Travis is a device that assists with your set, internet searcher, catchphrase, and essential research. You can follow your site’s execution what’s more, you can likewise look in the engine of your rivals’ locales.

  5. Anything that is genuine which can help someone get reasonable traffic is worth giving a try in as much as it is legit. I wouldn’t want any platform that would promise to help me achieve massive traffic to my website and along the line, I would loose sensitive data on my website. I hope traffic Travis will be great.

  6. Thank you for this great and interesting post, I find it really helpful and nice. As a  newbie blogger, now I know the importance of Travis traffic. I believe this tool will help me generate enough traffic. I will share this post with my friends also. Thanks for the detailed review.

  7. Sounds really solid. I actually had no idea there was a way how to learn what kind of backlinks does one’s competitors have. That on-page SEO analysis sounds really useful. Also, the fact that one does not have to scroll through the rankings to find your page is really awesome. But above all, I love the fact that it has a fully functional free version. Thus, I will be trying it out if it works for me. As for now, seems that it will 🙂

    Thank you for all the insights!!

    Cheers and Have a Great One!


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