SEOPressor Connect Review (A Simple Plugin For SEO?)

All website owners that want to make money online know that after creating the website comes the challenge of making it visible in the search engine results page. For your page to be visible means it has been properly optimized but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be quite difficult unless you are a pro of course. So, to have higher ranks, there is SEOPressor Connect, a premium WordPress plugin.

What is SEOPressor Connect?

SEOPressor is a plugin for WordPress that helps you take control of your search engine results ranking. Creating great contents is never enough, you also have to optimize your website to increase website traffic and traffic is money!

There are millions of websites out there and you have to make yours more search-friendly by proper optimization and link management in order to outrank others.

SEOPressor Connect is very popular and trusted by thousands of website owners, it has 5 core pillars that make it a premium WordPress among various plugins. The 5 pillars are:

1. On-Page Analysis – This displays real-time score of your On-Page Optimization and can help you understand your progress, even if you are a complete beginner. It gives you instant feedback and optimization suggestions to improve your On-Page SEO signals and will help you prevent over optimization.

2. SEO Intelligence – It gathers your website’s most essential SEO insights and displays them in one place, saving you time and effort to browse through different analytics just to see what is wrong. This feature alerts you if there is something wrong with your website.

3. Semantic Builder – Lets you organize the most important markup standards and can improve the search relevancy easily.

4. Crawler Control – This will help you decide how search engines can crawl and navigate your website, gaining complete control.

5. Link Management – Monitors your optimum link profile to provide your users a delightful browsing experience.

Who is the Creator of SEOPressor Connect?

Daniel Tan developed and launched SEOPressor Connect and he aims to make it the best plugin for all your WordPress SEO needs, making very useful features to ride with the constant changes of SEO.

How to Use SEOPressor Connect?

With SEOPressor Connect, you can focus more on creating engaging content because it will handle all the optimization needs to boost your website ranking.

Once installed, SEOPressor creates its own menu in the WordPress Dashboard. You will have eight relevant options in your menu: Site Audit, Sitewide SEO, Homepage Settings, Link Manager, Score Manager, Role Settings, Plugin Settings and Tuts & Support. All of these options are helpful, one displays the general state of your website and can analyze and update your SEO results at any time.

There are options that you need to configure like your company/business information, the title of your page and its description. Just fill out necessary details. You don’t need to worry because the settings are easy and understandable. The important thing is you don’t need to worry about optimization of your content anymore.


1. It has the most complete toolkit for on-page SEO!

2. It is like having an SEO consultant as your assistant, directly notifying you of the best optimization opportunities.

3. Know your site’s SEO condition at a glance.

4. It supports multiple domains with just one license.

5. SEOPressor Connect subscribers receive FREE lifetime full updates, including al features in the future.

6. You will have online support; your queries will be answered within 48 hours.

7. Trusted by over 13,000 website owners and counting.

8. It has a lot of valuable and relevant features compared to other WordPress SEO Plugins.

9. Powerful tool to increase your website traffic.


1. Monthly subscription fee.

2. Needs internet connection.

3. It does not work with free blogs because they do not support plugins.


SEOPressor Connect makes you feel like a total expert in properly optimizing your site even if you are a complete newbie. It has lots of powerful features that will greatly help you achieve better traffic and higher rankings. This revolutionizes SEO and can accelerate your money-making opportunities. With this plugin you can concentrate on creating great contents that your visitors can engage to. Plus, it comes with a lifetime of FREE updates since SEO factors are constantly changing. One of the main features in SEOPressor Connect that makes it stand apart form others such as All In One or even Yoast is the plugins ability to prevent over optimization which gives it a major leg up from the others.

If you are serious about being the best and giving your readers value while still finding search engine love than SEOPressor Connect is a great investment for your websites. SEOPressor Connect a simple plugin that packs a hugh punch.

To avoid the grueling task of keeping track of everything in your page, have this plugin, because this is exactly what you need. It is easy, complete and shows real results!

In Conclusion:

With the latest Google Core updates it is more important than ever for website owners to pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) However it is also important to note here that great SEO is just one of many factors that Google is looking for now days. The number one factor for website owners is the quality and content of their articles. Are you giving value? Are you helping your audience ? Are you addressing your readers pain points ? I address a few of these factors in my article Content Is King Marketing Tips

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and your ready to invest in your future I invite you to join me on one of the top affiliate marketing education platforms online today. Not only will you learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing but you will also get one of the best website builders and web hosting around!!!


Would love to hear your thoughts on SEO or if you have other recommendations that you would like me to review. By all means drop me a comment below and be sure to look for more reviews and affiliate marketing tips coming soon.


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16 thoughts on “SEOPressor Connect Review (A Simple Plugin For SEO?)”

  1. Thanks for your interesting article I am really interested in this. I currently use the yoast plug in so handle my seo but it does 100% guarantee results.  Where does the SEO Pressor fit in with this.  Can it work alongside Yoast?  Should ~I deactivate Yoast for this?  Are there any bugs that could affect my website from using this?  Thanks

    • For website speed I would say choose one. However both are pretty lite so speed isnt too affected. I use both All in One and SEOPressor on my site currently with no overlapping problems. The main thing I like about this one that AIO doesnt do is that it gives you the suggested optimization report something that I have used many of the suggestions with good results.

  2. SEO pressor conneçt looks like a very good plug in. I am new to this industry but ok ow that it is important that one gets ranked on the best site engines. When a plugin like this can readily help one get the desired ranking, its a very good thing. I think I’ll try it out. I see that it only works for people who are paying on WordPress and not those on the free site. Thanks for posting.

    • If you are looking for long term growth with the search engines ,seo and understanding search engine optimization is a must. With plugins such as this it makes it much easier and less time consuming.

  3. For a newbie like me, I would give anything a trial to relieve me of my constant stressful work of working as a blogger and this Seopressor seems to be the answer to my problems. Seeing the features it boasts of, especially helping in the aspects of optimization, is a great news to me. The monthly subscription is of little addition to my budget, if I’m getting the value for my money, then I have no problem at all.

    robert Darrick

    • Thank you for reading Robert. I agree for the little it costs in monthly subscription fees it packs a powerhouse of optimization help.

  4. Wow, this is a really nice and enlightening post. Although I’m currently in a very different line of business. My son has just created a site online and for a while now doesn’t have much traffic on his site, this have been causing him to be sad lately. He has tried various means but isn’t working. I believe SEO is the answer to this problem. I’m glad I came across this helpful post. 

    • Yes agreed to be able to gain traffic and trust from the search engines you must have a good understanding of seo. The SEOPressor plugin will make that task easier. Plus in order to gain valuable knowledge of seo I would also recommend training for it. Some of the best training online for seo and everything related to affiliate marketing can be found Here

  5. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this excellent and informative review about seopressor connect plugin. I have my own website but the main problem is I am not getting enough traffic. Tried to do SEO but couldn’t understand what’s happened still my SEO is not getting enough results. But after reading this review, I found I should definitely installed this plugin. I understand this is paid plugin but still, I am interested to install this in for my website.

    • Yes it is a paid monthly but I think the added seo features that it has will be a big help to any website that depends on organic traffic.

  6. Excellent point on seopressor connect review. I never knew that Daniel Tan developed and launched it. You’ve done a great job with the detailed explanation of the “5 core pillars”. I really wants to become an expert in it. I’m so pleased i found your website. Also i love the lifetime free full updates with features for the future benefits. It shows that they really want everybody to grow. Useful post.

    • Thank you for responding. Anything we can do to improve our websites for better user experience is worth looking into .

  7. Thank you for this seopressor plugin. I have been battling to get tone of traffic to my site , this post provide solution to my challenges in fact I will check out seopressor because that must have been what I am waiting to answer my seo question. Please let me ask question . Do this seopressor bring back links to the site it connected to through custom WordPress? If it does the back links , it definitely answer my overall questions. Thank you for this great article.

    • To answer your question,back links from this built in ,no you still have to provide and get relevant back links on your own. You never actually want to pay for back links one you never know what you are getting. There are a lot of scams out there trying to sell you back links to articles that have nothing to do with your target niche and it could actually end up hurting your trust with google. This is more for total search engine optimization while writing your articles and content. Content is still king but we want to make sure the seo is done the right way.

  8. Hi there,

    It is awesome review with the video of the SEOPress. It is a clear representation of what the pros and cons are.

    SEO press is a great on-page plug in to track relevant actions needed for website ranking and can work on your WordPress blogs connected to the internet.

    I like some of its features more than others.

    Words on your blogs can be automatically counted in WordPress, you don’t have to use this feature from the plug-in.feature,

    The rest of the features mentioned are useful. I also have seen many high rated reviews on this plug-in.

    Though I love to have it, Paying money for SEO plugin at this point of my website development is a little bit of a lower priority. I will hold off on it.

    Thank you for this review which will help website owners to rank their post higher on Search Engines.

    • Personally I think having an SEO plugin from the very beginning of website development is essential. It helps assure that when you first start you are building a firm foundation. Great seo helps all the way around,helps you build trust with your audience and more importantly helps you build your brand and trust with the search engines.


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