List Grow Review – Your Money Is In Your List

List Grow Review – Your Money Is In Your List

100 DFY Lead Gen Funnels + Viral Traffic Software – LeadGrow

Price: $67.00 one time


Creator: Ifiok Nkem

Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Reccomended: YES

What List Grow Is:

In the most simplest way List Grow is a done for you system that helps you grow your email list by providing you lead magnet sales funnels. 100 Done for You list building funnels and in-built software to help generate traffic.

If you have ever heard of Click Funnels and you have wondered if lead magnet pages and funnels actually work but you were taken aback with the high price of Click Funnels, then here is your chance to see what Lead Magnet pages are all about and just why they work so well for so many businesses without the price point of Click Funnels.

List Grow uses the same principles of funnels but focuses on Lead Magnets only in order to grow your email list. Your long term money is going to be in your email list, so it is one of the main things to get right in your business. This is where List Grow is going to become one of your best software tools moving forward.

What You Get

100 DFY funnels and each funnel comes with:

    • Done for You landing pages
    • Done for You lead magnets (e-books, videos, software)
    • Done for You hosting
    • Done for You Email Swipes
    • Done for You Facebook ads creative
    • Done for You Hosting
    • Done for You Thank You Pages
    • DFY FREE Traffic Automation From Social Media 

      More than 100 DFY lead magnets

      • You will have access to over 100 DFY eye-catching products that you can offer to your website visitors or on other platforms as a way of executing your lead generation campaign. Besides just the e-books, you have premium SaaS(Software as a Service) platforms, plugins, and video courses. The video courses are an awesome magnet as the knowledge industry is in high demand right now.
      • Auto-generated Thank You PagesEach lead generation campaign the software will create a squeeze page and a Thank You, Page. So you do not have to worry about hiring a designer to create one for you and no more struggling if your trying to do it yourself. Plus you won’t have the extra cost of hosting or domain set up.
      • DFY Facebook Ads creativeIf you want to create an optimized Facebook ad, the in-built ads creator will come in handy. The funnels incorporate proven Facebook ads creative, all of which are done for you by professional copywriters. Facebook Advertising is still one of the best forms of paid advertising out there right. If done right the ROI is very high.
      • One Click Integration With Your Autoresponder LeadGrow connects the DFY funnels with your autoresponder to grow your list: get response, convert kit, campaign monitor, sendlane, awebber, active campaign, web hooks, web forms, etc. directly and with over 250 others through zapier.
      • Social Media Traffic Building ToolsInbuilt clickable images app allows you to share your generated funnel across multiple social media platforms for FREE viral traffic. Also, each lead funnel comes with ‘proven to convert’ viral post creatives (Attention grabbing image, headline, description) done for you by pro copywriters.

        Plus: inbuilt traffic generation system


      • Get Commercial License Free Of Cost
      • Expensive Software Given Away As Bonuses
      • A One-Time Unbelievably Low Price Tag $67.00








The above example is one of 100 different lead pages you can create. The money is in the list and with List Grow you can start raking in the leads daily with almost no effort.

So if you have ever wanted to play with the big boys here is your chance without the fancy high price tag of Click Funnels, this is a great place to not only learn the power of lead magnets and funnels but also to build your subscriber list. Click Funnels is great if you are looking to do a more in depth sales funnel but for just getting leads and subscribers Lead Grow is the way to go!!


Remember the action you take today in your business is a step closer toward your financial freedom tomorrow!

If you have any questions or if you want to learn more about how affiliate marketing works check out my article on How To Boost Your Income With Affiliate Marketing


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  1. It seems that this software does a lot of work for you, and I can only cheer for that. Knowing how much work is to maintain everything online, this saves hours. And you can spend it more into what is important. Your business, and not the things around. Thanks for sharing it, I will order this right away! 

    1. It really is a time saver. building a list is necessary to grow your business and to be able to scale,however the time involved is what keeps most people from doing it. With List Grow you no longer have that excuse I was able to set this up in under 30 minutes.

  2. Thanks for the thorough review and recommendation of the ListGrow product. It does seem like a done for you solution that will save you a lot of time and help you present a professional appearance to your prospective subscribers. In most businesses time is money, and this will save you a lot of time.

    The way they have this product set up, you can quickly get a number of valued lead magnets out there and hit the traffic that you are getting to your website up with these offers. As I understand it, we can add our own autoresponder service in as well?

    The price for 100 lead magnets with the sales [ages and thankyou pages is not expensive either. If you priced even one such kit, it will likely cost you almost as much if done on Fiverr or similar service. I really think you have made the case for this product and I am ready to secure it for my own use. Thanks! 

    1. What I liked about this List Grow is the professional looking pages and product selection for emails.Much beter quality than you can ever get from Fivver or any of the freelance sites.Plus it was really easy to set up.

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