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LeadsLeap was launched in 2008. It was created by Kenneth Koh. Their innovative lead system tool has stood the test of time. Internet marketers are using LeadsLeap as thier preferred advertising system for one reason, It works! Not just by giving traffic but by generating fresh eager buyer leads.

LeadsLeap has evolved over the years into a powerful marketing platform. LeadLeap is an ideal way to generate leads for your business.

LeadsLeap has always been driven by technology and inovation and they have many different unique features within the platform to help online marketers to generate effective leads and traffic within any target niche. I will go through many of the amazing features below.

LeadsLeap offers two different levels Free and Pro I will discuss both below.

Product Details

Name : LeadsLeap

Creator : Kenneth Koh

Launch Date: 2008

Price : 2 Levels: Regular membership is 100% FREE – Pro Membership is $27 per month

Bonuses: Not really bonuses but a ton of value for ech level , you will think you hit the advertising jackpot!

Refund : Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Review Score: 99/100 HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

LeadsLeap offers a variety of different and unique ways to generate traffic and leads. Some of the different ways.

  • advertising,
  • search engine traffic,
  • viral leads building, and
  • giving you tools to convert your traffic into leads.

So to understand what the two types are. First Traffic simply refers to visitors to your site or to what you are promoting.

Leads are people you can contact, usually by way of them giving you an email address by way of optin or some other type of contact form. Advertising is a great source of traffic,it always has been. LeadsLeap as taken it one step further though giving you tools and the know how to generate leads at the same time.

Product Features – Members Area

There are 7 different proven ways to get traffic and leads within the members area.

1: Advertise within LeadsLeap for free.

You can start by posting text ads within LeadsLeap. Your ads will be shown with the members area and throughout various sections of the site.There is well over 120,000 members and growing every single day. The members vary by interest too. You will find there are two main types of members. Both will be of benefit to you.

The first type of member are the ones who want to be paid for surfing and visiting websites.One of the unique features of LeadsLeap they are a PTC or paid to click site. But unlike the old PTC sites that basically pay visitors to only stay for 10 to 20 seconds and move on, LeadsLeap pays continuously ( as of this writing they will pay up to 3 minutes a site. So this encourages visitors to stay longer especially if they find your site interesting and appealing. This makes your bounce rate better and looks better in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

The second type of member are marketers and website owners.They are mainly looking for traffic,leads and tools in order to build thier businesses. So if you have something of interest to these types of people it is a no brainer LeadsLeap basically gives you a targeted audiance. All for free. They also manually review every ad and site on LeadsLeap to ensure quality within the network. The rules are simple, no nudity,profanity, gambling or otherwise offensive site is allowed.

Some examples of text ads you can make how they will look on LeadsLeap. You can also find other examples on my site over by the right hand side.

Promote LeadsLeap

2: Advertise on thousands of websites no extra work and it is free

This I think is one of the things that set LeadLeaps apart is the fact that the same text ad you create can and does appear on thousands of other websites outside of LeadsLeap. They also have what is called trackers that can be shown all over the web in forums and other networks that members advertise in.Members are more than willing to show your ads because LeadsLeap buys them to do so when visitors click on the ads.

3: Search Engine Traffic and it is free

LeadsLeap operates thier own Social Review Directory that ranks very well in Google and other serch engines. Because it is a review site they are always getting fresh content from members. Search engines love fresh content that is informative and useful in nature. What is more useful than on reviews from people that use the services right.You can take a look at the Social Review Directory here . They rotate the ads with your affiliate links which in turn can get you sign ups to your program.

4: Multiply a few leads into thousands also free 

Personally and from experience I believe this is one of the BEST and most unique thing about LeadsLeap. I don’t know of too many others that can replicate what they do when it comes to multipling your leads for you. This is a 10 level downline builder. The best way to describe it is like an MLM (multi level marketing) DO NOT get confused however they are NOT a MLM at all.The 10 level downline is purely for LEAD GENERATION only.

Let me give you an example. Say you got 10 people to join LeadsLeap and those 10 people do the same, you will have 100 extra leads at Level 2, 1000 extra leads at Level 3, 10000 extra leads at Level 4, and crazy amount of leads at level 10. LeadsLeap is not an emailer but they have created a unique and annoyance free way for you to communicate not only with your direst level 1 referals but also with everyone they refer 10 levels deep.


refer system leadsleap


5: Easily convert your website or blog traffic into leads – free

LeadsLeap will provide you with a free web based pop up generator for free called PopupXpert

Pop ups can increase the conversion of your visitors to leads,that you can be used in any future email marketing. One of the best things about PopupXpert besides the fact it is free is that it is customizable. It can generate almost any type of pop up you need.

6: Your Own Free AutoResponder 

LeadsLeap provides you an autoresponder system that you can use to build your own list. Prepare a lead magnet, generate an opt-in offer using PopupXpert and deliver the offer using your very own Autoresponder. It is a complete leads generation funnel for you! It really is free too. If you are new to autoresponders or you do not what the cost associated with other autoresponders than this is the one you will want!

 As stated you can have your own sales funnel with all the tools that LeadsLeap gives you!

If that is not enough…drumroll please….

7: The ability to run your own business like a pro the OTO List Builder Script and yes even that is free 🙂 

This one approach to get you leads is a full-fledged, self-hosted, unencrypted PHP Script

The script comes complete with:OTO List Builder

  • built-in autoresponder,
  • mass mailer,
  • one-time offer system,
  • payment integration, and
  • affiliate program

One time offers convert like crazy and if you have one or are thinking of getting one than this is the script you need. You really does allow you to build a great sales funnel!

Note: The list or leads that you build through the autoresponder the script the ads your downline, they are all yours . LeadsLeap does not send any promotional email to your list whatsoever!


Time is priceless in my opinion. Therefore, any cost-efficient product or service that saves time is a winner in my books.

A bonus for reading my review today

I am offering you a FREE report called ‘One Signup A Day‘ which is a report written by one of LeadsLeap members, Andre Zunde. In this report, you will learn how he has built an ever-growing network of leads that he can’t even stop!
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  1. Leadsleap sounds like a brilliant service. I like the fact that they offer Borge a way to make money by browsing sites and by using their tools to build up your own website. I also like the fact that they include an auto responder to help you build up an email list.

    I think I will definitely be giving Leadsleap a chance to amaze me first hand. Thanks for the information!

    1. You will definitely be amazed I know I was both as a free member and as a pro. member. Going pro for only $27 a month is an advantage you do acquire good responsive leads much faster.

  2. Thank you for this review about leadsleap, I never knew they have been around for such a long period of time and is so cool that they have been able to stand the test of time, I want to ask the registration process for newbies and how easy to generate market leads for a newbie. I hope to hear from you soon. 

    1. They make it very easy to set up once you hit the sign up page they walk you through registering, I started as a free member and stayed free for about a year and got signups and leads as a free member. I recently upgraded to pro so I could take my lead generation to a higher and much faster level. One of the advantages of pro is the ability to add up to 10 more text ads plus they start rotating your ads for you hands off so that frees up more time for me.

  3. This is a great article about what seems to be another great product in the industry.  I might have to take the time to look into this a little deeper.  I love some of the stuff offered here.  My only problem is paid to click simply because I have adsense ads on my sites and adsense picks that up in a hurry.

    Once again thank you for a great article


    1. I must admit I do not know to much about adsense as I opted to go with something else when I first created my site. Maybe a question for the community at large. I know a few members of WA are both adsense users and LeadsLeap users. The platform on LeadsLeap is awesome though worth taking a look at.

  4. Hey Cathy, 

    I’ve really anjoyed reading this article on “LeadsLeap 2.0” as it’s interesting and informative. This is one of the best affiliate marketing training websites and it’s affordable as well. Some programs out there in online world cost a lot and can be hard to invest in yourself for a better future. 

    From my perspective, the best part is that you get to try the platform before reaching down to a concrete decision. Another flexible option is that it offers money-back guarantee which is one of my personal favorites. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work Cathy! 

    1. Thank you so much for your time to read and comment on my review. I agree I tried it and even stayed as a free member for about a year myself. Great platform and going pro does give you a bit more options and is less time consuming on advertising.

  5. I think LeadsLeap can help most of the newbie online entrepreneurs like me especially websites which are not a niche site. LeadsLeap aims to boost a site because of its features mentioned and that’s the great thing we are looking for. 

    I hope to benefit from platform in the near future when I have the budget.

    1. That is one of the great features of LeadsLeap is the fact that you can start using the system for free. No budget required it is a little bit more work but is very doable. I was a free member for about a year and was still generating leads.

  6. I’m glad to be on your site. This is my first time of hearing about leadsleap. I want to believe they are as genuine as your review says. I once gave up on cpa marketing because I couldn’t find a way of getting constant traffic and genuine leads. Some of the platforms generated bot traffic. I’ll check this leadsleap out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes I am on your side there lots of bots on traffic exchanges especially. Leadleap no bots are allowed plus since this is not actually a traffic exchange you have the added security of only seeing and interacting with real websites etc..

      They also have what is called a real tracker it is a link tracker that gives you amazing results and allows you to see if your visitors are indeed real. No bots

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