Keyword Ranking Psychic WordPress Plugin Review

Keyword Ranking Psychic WordPress Plugin

Creator: Leon Tran

Cost: $7.13 Dimesale so product cost will go up with each sale

Keyword Ranking Physic

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Keyword Ranking Physic Does It Help?

Small wordpress plugin that helps predict keyword rankings competition difficulties at any of the 100+ search engines. This includes the big three Google,Bing,Yahoo and tons of other small engines that we webmasters tend to forget about. Yet even the small search engines bring traffic.This plug in will give you an indication of how hard or easy your keywords are to rank for.

This handy little plugin can save you time and money, when you are writing out your content.

Keyword Ranking Psychic Plugin – Who Benefits?

So the question is who would get the best benefit from Keyword Ranking Psychic Plugin:I can count at least 5 different targeted audiences

SEO marketers – Search Engine Marketers, I mean who doesn’t want great seo right?

Content marketers – If you have been online for any amount of time than you have all heard that content is king! Well with great content also means using great keywords.

WordPress Users – now since this is a wordpress plugin that goes without saying.

Product Reviewers –  This is designed to cut down on some of your keyword research time.

Affiliate Marketers – Again designed to cut down on some of your research time.


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What is in the Product

What you get is the wordpress plugin once ordered. You save it to your computer and than easily upload onto your wordpress from your dashboard. This comes with step by step instructions on how to install. Once installed it will walk you through the steps to finding your great keywords and how they might rank. Again easy to do.

What I liked about the product

Ease of Use
Plug In is small so doesn’t affect site speed
shows Alexa ranking for keywords as some other keyword tools do not
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What I don’t like about the product

No real cons this plugin does do what it says.

Upgrades Available

Keyword Ranking Psychic Plugin – Resale Rights

Cost: $27.00

This will give you the resell rights license

GDPR Cookie Express Plugin OTO

Cost: $12.00

One time offer for another useful plugin GDPR Cookie Express

My Super Bonuses


If you purchase through me today I am offering a special report on how to get 1 sign up a day


Plus a copy of The Skill Of Money Magnetism

The Skill Of Money Magnetism

After you purchase, please email me your receipt number

My Final Thoughts

The Keyword Ranking Physic Plugin does do what it says it does. This can be used along side any other keyword ranking tool that you currently use as an added help. I personally am now using this and my all time favorite Jaaxy which you can find here Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Thank you for reading my review today. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Have a positive day!



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19 thoughts on “Keyword Ranking Psychic WordPress Plugin Review”

  1. I’m currently working on my own site through wordpress, I would consider using this plugin because it seems to be of utmost importance for every marketer.

    I am a bit new to affiliate marketing and I need all the help available to making a successful business online. I’ll love some more links to other relevant stuff I’ll be needing on my website. Thank you.

    • Thank you for reading my review and welcome to the great world of affiliate marketing where the sky really is the limit. Other links for you to try.One of my all time favorites is Jaaxy also a keyword tool but not a plugin works awesome Jaaxy If you need some help or want some awesome affiliate training you can find it here at Wealthy Affiliate they are the home to affiliate marketing. 2 of the best to help you on your journey.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I agree, webmasters like us do tend to forget about the 100’s of other search engines online. This Psychic WordPress Plugin sounds amazing and I am genuinely looking forward to getting a copy and installing it. The fact you have reselling rights is just a thing of beauty and so it is more than well worth the minor investment.

    In my opinion, the initial investment is nothing when you consider that you could be earning from this product for life! How long has this product been online Kathy? I can’t wait to start and so I will pop back sometime and let you know how it goes after some experience using it.

    Thank you for this incredibly useful article. ~ Kathy.

    • This plugin just came out on the 2nd of Jan so not even 72 hrs old. So far I have not had any glitches and for under 10 dollars it is working pretty well. My main keyword tool I use is Jaaxy but when it comes to research and ranking I think you should have at least 2 or 3 for your keyword comparisons.

  3. Its really nice to see some good reviews out there for a change as opposed to all the so called scams.  If you are a marketer you already know how important keywords and SEO are and if you are a potential marketer you will soon find out how important it is.

    This was a great review and thank you for taking the time to write it.


  4. Personally I believe anything that makes our work easier is good for us all the plug in would go along way in making our work  easier but I also have to say  just like  you are Still using Jaaxy with Jaaxy you can any keynwords under the sun  and will work well for you  but that doesn’t mean  it’s  wrong look for some help else where

    • Totally agree when it comes to keyword research I tend to use more than one tool as a comparison on my keywords and rank than go from there.

  5. I really like this article. I was able to learn enough about the The Keyword Ranking Physics WordPress plugin to make an informed decision on whether to buy the software! Then you offer so many free bonuses! I cant wait to get my hands on a copy of your free ebooks! How did you go about finding a program like Keyword Ranking Physics WordPress plugin? How has it changed your business?

    • I must say how it has changed my business basically is freeing up some of my keyword research time, I just ran across this from another program I am involved in. This plugin is brand new just came out less than 72 hours ago.

  6. Thank you for sharing this great review about this psychic WordPress plugin.

    Overall seems to be a great plugin specially as beginners, I’m starting to build my website and this plugin is on my list of plugin to try. Does this plugin is a one time payment and if can transfer it on other website?

    • This is a one time payment. As far as transferring it to more than one site not for the main offer. The oto for the resell rights you would be able to use for more than one site

  7. I was interested in the Keyword Ranking Physic because it is always an unknown how a specific keyword will play in a publication, even when you select it carefully.

    However, I did not fully understand what would be the difference with other keyword tools such as Jaaxy, and since you have to pay for both, I would like to know how they complement each other.

    Could you give an example?

    • As I do believe Jaaxy does give you more I have used this to compliment and to do keyword comparison with the two. What I found with Keyword Ranking Physic is the ability to look at so many search engines where Jaaxy focuses on the top three only.

  8. Dear Cathy,

    This is an interesting and helpful review.

    We all know the importance of keyword research and to be honest I use to spend a lot of time on doing my keyword research. Being a full-time blogger this plugin seems to be a greater help and will save me a lot of time. 

    I got great insights from your review post and I loved how easy the review makes it for readers.

    Due to the increased number of products which under-delivers reviews like your’s will save people time, trouble, money and effort.

    Wishing you Great Success!


    • Thank you for the kind words. It is my passion to help and by educating marketers on what does and does not work hopefully so they can make informed decisions without wasting money and time.

  9. Thanks for this great review. It seems that this can help marketer find good keyword to easily rank for. From the sounds of it, it seems to do what sem rush does but just better.

    I’m guessing you have used this tool already? If so did you find it easier to rank for keyword within Google after you used it?

    • So far the answer is yes I have found it easy to use and understand. Personally this is just one I use I also use Jaxxy as a comparision and so far they are comparing pretty well with each other,

  10. Thank you Cathy for sharing ¨Keyword Ranking Psychic WordPress Plugin¨. I failed to see why this product is better than Jaaxy, which is free -if you join Wealthy Affiliate?.

    Jaaxy, as you know has the following features: a) keyword; shows the keyword you are researching, b) Avg; shows the average monthly searches a month, that this keyword gets-it´s estimated (very accurate) and the actual numbers might  vary from what you  can get in Google (target over 30), c) traffic; shows  the estimated traffic  that you will receive, once you hit the first page of Google , d)QSR (quoted search results); shows how many competing websites have those exact words in their title (target under 100), e) KQI (keyword quality indicator), shows color green (go for it), yellow (difficult) and red (skip it), and  f) SEO, stands for SEO power; shows competing sites´ degree of optimization (100 the best)-target keywords with low QSR and high SEO value. Other features are domains and related (list of keywords that are similar). In brief, it tells you to aim for good (high) traffic and low competition. Why should I pay $7.13, when I get the above GRATIS?


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