How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing And Can I Retire Doing This ?

Since the focus of this website is on how to retire with and through affiliate marketing , I wanted to give you an overview of exactly what affiliate marketing is. How do you start affiliate marketing and can you retire doing this? Those are the main questions and concerns that I want to shed some light on for you.

The easy answer is YES you can retire by using this business model. The fact that this is a business and not some get rich quick scheme or idea is the main difference and the first difference for you to understand. With so many different ways to make money online today, one of the best ways is to get started through affiliate marketing. There are many reasons for this method of making money online being the best .

Here are a few of them.

  1. Anybody at any age can do this
  2. You can do this anywhere in the world, you just need a connection to the internet.
  3. If you are already retired you can use the affiliate marketing business model to not only supplement your pension or retirement but as an added bonus , if you are passionate about something and wanting to pass down your knowledge and know how that might help others in some way. Than this would be a great opportunity!
  4. Low cost , it is one of the lowest cost businesses to start in today’s economy.
  5. You no longer need to know fancy technological coding in order to build websites.
  6. Versatile, you can do affiliate marketing on your schedule at your pace, no longer being dictated by a J.O.B.
  7. Gives you purpose!
  8. Passive income !

Of course as you get more and more into the business and training as an affiliate marketer you will see so many different reasons for yourself, those are but a few of the main ones.The sky really is the limit to just how far you want to take your business and income.

Remember I said the difference was that affiliate marketing is a business keep that in mind moving forward.The second thing in order to start affiliate marketing is that you have to understand the process. So let’s take a look at what really is a simple process.

Understanding The Process Of Affiliate Marketing

Simple is best:

The whole concept and process of affiliate marketing is pretty simple. It can be broken down into 4 stages.

  1. The customer does a search for something , let’s say they search for  Raised Garden Beds 
  2. Your website ,gardening happens to be your niche 🙂 and you just published a post on Raised Garden Beds.
  3.  In that post you used an image with an affiliate link in it ,that customer clicks on it based on your recommendation and decides to purchase said raised garden bed.
  4. You make money!

Take a look at the below video it is only 13 minutes long, it will open in a new window for you so you can come back here easily afterward.

Watch Here
Affiliate Marketing Process Explained


Building A Website

You have to choose an interest.

Remember number 3 above, if you are passionate about something and wanting to pass down your knowledge and know how that might help others in some way. Than this would be a great opportunity! This is going to be your niche , what your website will be about. You do not want to make this step too complicated. Simply stated if you know what you are passionate about than make that the subject of your website. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it works for any passion or niche!

You can get started with 2 free websites right now.

You Will Need Affiliate Programs To Partner With


Once your website is set up , you will want to write a couple posts for your new site. You will want an About Me post something that tells who you are . You will also want a couple posts that just talk about niche. An example keeping with the gardening niche is that you write about how to de – weed a rose bed, using your own experiences are best. It starts you on the path of search engines and customers to seeing you as an authority. Now you can start to partner up with affiliate programs almost all companies have an affiliate program of some kind. The biggest and most recognized brands are Amazon,Target, Home Depot, Lowes even E bay has one. Almost all affiliate programs are easy to sign up for and most are free. You do want to look for the free ones,at least to start.

Let’s go back to that gardening site ,you sign up for Amazon .Now you go looking at Amazon for items relevant to your niche

This is important it has to be relevant. You can now post those items and ads throughout your site in a strategic  way.


A Platform For Everything In One Place

Now that you have an idea of what to expect and know that affiliate marketing is a business that you can retire from and earn from. It can give you a passive income for life with the proper tools you can retire free from financial worries.

You will need a website,hosting,education and support. You can get all of it here in one place and the best part is it is FREE to start. Take a look at what all you get when you sign up.

Wealthy Affiliate








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23 thoughts on “How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing And Can I Retire Doing This ?”

  1. I’m in my 50s and I think having some passive income at retirement is a brilliant idea. I am already with Wealthy Affiliate. It is the best place to be online. They taught me to build my website and a whole load of things to do with my site that would bring in money! 

    • Also in my 50’s and looking to retire in a few years. Wealthy Affiliate definitely gives you all the tools in order to start and earn all the way through retirement and beyond. Especially since we can no longer count on S.S. and pensions. Affiliate Marketing is giving people a new lease on life. 

  2. Thanks for posting!  I have been doing AM for 3 years now.  My personal inspiration was Mr. Money Mustache both for well written articles of interest and the fact he started his blog just to put his thoughts and story out there.  Now it is in and of itself generating a lot of money for him.  Your article points out that when we are passionate about a niche, well researched and dedicated, the money follows.  It’s always great earning at something you love doing that helps others. ♥

    • I do believe I have run across his site before small world. Earning at something you love to do is by far the best business in the world I believe. Thanks to affiliate marketing it is becoming a reality for many. 

  3.  I want to become an affiliate marketer and so far I have built a website but not getting any traffic what should I do to get traffic and generate consistent sale from my website?

    currently I am doing my job in a steel plant that I hate more than anything so I want to become successful as soon as possible and leave my job.

    • One of the best ways to start earning is by by building out and writing content for your site. You mentioned you already have a website that is a great first start. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you are not already there, you can take your existing site and transfer to their hosting. The give you all the training and knowledge on how to become successful in your affiliate marketing business.As you write more keyword rich content the search engines will start noticing you too. The traffic will follow you just have to remember that as a business it will not happen over night but it will happen with consistency and knowledge. If your already with Wealthy Affiliate follow the training,if your not I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate you can start for free.

  4. Affiliate marketing if done right can make anyone an authority no matter what their age. Retirees are now getting into it, because it so easy.I love how article your talks to not only that angle, but all others as well.

    It’s great when you realize there are so many money making potentials out there, most likely one of those will yours to claim. Thanks for the great article.

    • Absolutely even though I am focusing on helping retirees gain more financially ,affiliate marketing is for anyone that wants and desires to have more in life than just a job. Most jobs and even so called careers are just not guaranteed anymore. When you work for yourself you are in control not a boss.

  5. Retiring? Not me lol. Well, I am looking for something I can do from home but so far what I have found was always a bit fishy to me but, I also didn’t really know how to do it and what I am really looking for.

    Your article is straight forward and does show the steps how to do it.  I know I need to use something which includes everything is also very important to me. Wealthy Affiliate seems the way to go.

    I am a bit concerned of creating a website, is it very difficult to do? And can I also make money from my Hobby which is baking?

    Thank you for your great article it has given me a bit more confidence.

    • To answer your questions- no creating your website is pretty straight forward. You can get your website up and running in under a minute,and it will be ready for you to start adding rich content. Baking is very popular and yes you can make money from it. I did a quick google search for you on baking affiliate programs and 9,710,000 results came back. If it is a hobby and you are passionate about it than you are already have the framework.

      You can start by getting a free website and the training Get Started For Free Right Here they will walk you through step by step nothing left out!

  6. I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and bar none it is the best place to be.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to supplement your income at any level but as a person getting closer to retirement its nice to know that extra income is there for me if I want to work for it.  This is a great article.  Thank you for taking the time to write these great words.

    • Thank you Dale for commenting. Retirement can be scary at any age, but with affiliate marketing and the Wealthy Affiliate platform the reality of an easier financially secure income into or at retirement is not only possible but very doable.As long as you start with the knowledge that it is not a get rich overnight and yes there is some work involved. 

  7. Great breakdown of information on how anyone at any age can learn and do affiliate marketing. I especially like your discussion about Wealthy Affiliate course and membership options. I also enjoyed your reference of different books about affiliate marketing. This helps me, the reader, understand there is plenty of knowledge out there to starting a business from home.

    • Wonderful that you found it useful. So many times I see folks try to get into affiliate marketing only to give up right away because they dont look at it as a business. And as such it needs to be built as a business with a long term sustainable goal in mind.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and leave your comments.Anything I can help you with let me know.

  8. Affiliate guidance if finished right can make anyone an authority no matter what their age. Retirees are now getting into it, because it as a consequences easy.I flatter how article your talks to not on your own that angle, but the whole others as skillfully.

    Its pleasurable once you make a buy of there are consequently many money making potentials out there, maybe one of those will yours to claim. The most matter that inspired me as a outcome much in your article was that , you are fanatic of full of beans affiliate which i have aspiring to be a premium devotee. Reading your article has as a result much ashamed to connect wealthy affiliate from your membership and profit straight to be the premium liven up up. Thank you for offering this wonderful article.

    • thank you for your helpful insights as well… Yes affiliate marketing does carry very real potential especially when done with guidance and training

  9. The best way to create an income when you retire is Wealthy Affiliate! If you treat this like a business and are passionate about it, you will succeed.

    You must have a passion for something in life and that you have a lot of knowledge about. That’s the start.Then you are taught how to build your website, get traffic, and create an income.

    It’s important to follow the training and do the hard work. But the most important thing is to help people solve problems that they have. This comes FIRST!

    Everything else will fall into place. The support that Wealthy Affiliate offers is the absolute best! Why not turn a passion into a business? You can join for free!My question is, would you suggest folks go premium right away or test it out first?

    • That is a good question I believe it comes down to knowing what you want. I would recommend going premium IF you know without a doubt that you are ready more and you already know that you want your own business etc.. However that being said if you are skeptical you are more thzn welcome to start free. My own experience is I wanted to see for myself if Wealthy Affiliate was legit and offered what I was looking for in a business platform..Well I can tell you no doubts it hit everything I was looking for

      Websites… everything.

      I stsrted as a free member but after seeing and doing I upgraded sith the week and have not looked back

  10. Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for sharing the detailed information about affiliate marketing as a business model.

    I was forced into early retirement by health issues and am using affiliate marketing to help me rebuild the retirement savings that medical bills have wiped out. I can verify that Wealthy Affiliate University is a wonderful platform, especially for someone who has no experience with building websites. 

    Keep up the great work of helping retirees (and others)!


    • Thank you for sharing that experience kyle ann …Affiliate marketing is definatly the way to go and with Wealthy Affiliate University being # 1 in educational and affiliate platforms you cant go wrong.Affiliate marketing is helping so many people earn good incomes from home and it will only continue to grow.

  11. Hi Cathy, how are you?

    I am alredy with WA, did build a site, and now I am kind waiting untill I got noticed by Google so my traffic can start, but I not sleeping or party yet; I am continuing my training, deal with Social Media, try to make things happening on the future, in about 6 months to 1 year. Affiliate Program was and is the best way that I found to start my Online businnes and get financial freedom in about 2 or 3 years from now.

    Thank you so much for the power information. I am in my early’s 50’s with a recent stroke, my husband is 75 and we are think in our future retirement that we could’t think to afford untill now. I am glade that you menssion about this business it is for any age person, because some people think they are too old to work online and have a home based business.

    Cheers to our success,


    • hi Telma glad to see your doing a little better..I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the best platflrm i have found..was with another one yrs ago and they had nothing compared to what Wealthy Affiliate opinion they are the best. Financial freedom and becore the age of current retirement is the best goal and very doable

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