Five Minute Profit Sites – Is It A Money Making Opportunity?

Five Minute Profit Sites – Is It A Money Making Opportunity?


Name:Five Minute Profit Sites


Price: $37.00 With 4 Different Upsells after your purchase

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 stars

Five Minute Profit Sites Review:

Five Minute Profit Sites claims that folks can make at least $519 or more within a day. Now they claim that your can use a secret software that will build a website for you done for your site in about five minutes. Hence, the name of the product, it will take your just seventeen clicks of your mouse, following the instructions. No experience, just a point and click software system that will take 23 minutes a day to work, great for newbies wanting that extra cash. Their software will do it for your. Sound good so far?

Don’t be too quick to believe this, because it is a scam, and I am about to tell your why. Read on to find them out.

Let’s Cut Right To The BS:

The old say: Sounds too good to be true than it probably is. What they are really doing is selling your a one-page website commonly referred to as a landing page. Can it be build in five minutes absolutely. However, there is so much more involved in just building a site; that by the way your have no control over the content. The go on to say there built in software exposes a 12.4 billion dollar loophole. Well truth is all it does is have your go after leads for them in the form of affiliate marketing. They will give your a website to promote for yet another low cost product that promises big bucks.

Who is Five Minute Profit Sites for? In my opinion it is for anyone that wants to waste money and time. However according to what they want you to believe it is for anyone wanting to earn money quickly and without any work involved.

5 minute profit sites scam


Five Minute Profit Sites:

Training – Yes they do provide some

Tools: Once in the member’s area they try to redirect your to 4 different products designed to make your five minute site better and faster.

Once inside the member’s area they will explain to your in order to make this work your will have to have and do a few things :

First is a Clickbank account – that is free to sign up with

Second your will need to type your clickbank nickname into the software, your will be earning commissions that way.

Third and this is where your will have to pay extra,they want your to choose a domain name for your new website.

Fourth your have to sign up for an Aweber account, that is an email autoresponder. There is a cost involved in that as well.

Take your Aweber code and input it into the software.

After that the software will build your an affiliate website. When someone comes to your new site and enter their email address they will be taken to another low cost product, if they buy then your will get a commission from Clickbank.

Five Minute Profit Sites Price $37.00 initially,they tell your the software and license are free but the $37.00 is so your new site can be hosted on their web servers. than 4 different upsells to make your new site even better.

Can your make money with this system? It is possible to make money like this yes. However, not the $500 per day like they claim right off the bat. Maybe if your keep buying more and more of their upsells. Plus your would still have to figure out how to get traffic and customers to your new site.

My opinion – I would not recommend Five Minute Profit Sites, however that is up to your. It is a Clickbank product which means if your do decide to try it out your can always get a full refund.

You can make good money in affiliate marketing. But if your want to learn how to build your own successful online business, see my NUMBER ONE RECOMMENDED PROGRAM.

Absolutely everything your need to build your own online business in any niche your have a passion for. Free to start your get in depth training, tools your can start with 2 sites of your own for free, that YOU control. Expert help along the way and so much more. Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate from an insiders prospective.

wealthy affiliate starter

Five Minute Profit Sites Overall Scam Rank: 70 out of 100 Boo’s



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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Profit Sites – Is It A Money Making Opportunity?”

  1. Hello; Did you find out from the Five-minutes profit site people why the software is secret? There are so many tricks in trades these days that if you have a long eye for easy money you will be numbered among the scammers. If the software is legal there is no secret added to it, nor it’s used. 

    If there is no misunderstanding about the product it is total shame on ClickBank to allow it on their platform


  2. The Five Minute Profit Sites sure does look too good to be true! If it were real and not a scam, no one would need to get a real job ever! I would love to make $500 day with 25 minutes of effort a day!! 
    I am sad to say that I have fallen for this type of scam in the past and lost plenty of money. In my desperation, I did start with Wealthy Affiliate a couple years ago and am happy to report that I am making a small amount of money now, and I know that the more effort I put into it, the more I will make!  It is definitely the way to go, but is not a get rich quick scheme! You will make money if you put in the effort!


    • I totally agree with you on wealthy affiliate. It has been 2 years and with consistency I am getting consistent payments. Definatly does work.5 minute profits though it sounds nice is sooo unrealistic


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