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Content Writing TipsAre you looking to generate revenue and profits through content marketing?

If you want to join them, here are some tips and actions you need to take to be effective at it.

First, don’t operate blindly. Instead, look at what your market wants and needs. Find out what topics in your niche that people are mostly looking for. Become knowledgeable about what you are going to write about. Think of it like this, if you were going to do a Google search for something, what type of article would you want to land on to read.

Second, write about topics in your niche that you have knowledge of, and preferably some experience. If you can figure out how to combine your knowledge, experience and your passion into an article, then it will be much easier for you to answer the wants and needs of your visitors. Therefore, try to choose topics as well that you yourself are actually interested in. If you can do that then the researching for each article or piece of content will be that much easier to produce.

Third, Write and produce more, this is a very obvious benefit of Content marketing. If you produce more content, then you can grab the attention of your audience. Your target audience will stick to your website and by this way, you can win the trust of customers. Trust is huge in content marketing. Do not just write in order to produce. Write in order to educate.

Fourth, do check your content, before you publish it online. Make changes if you need to. You want to communicate clearly and not become known for lots of obvious mistakes that block that communication. All the text editors have auto correct or grammerly- use them.

Fifth, Rank higher in Google: If you produce good, quality and relevant content consistently then Google will index that content frequently. However, to get Ranked higher that content must have good seo added in. The chances of getting ranked in Google will be improved with the content production. The better the SEO the more improved Rank you will get. So very worthwhile learning Search Engine Optimization.

Why content marketing is good with affiliate marketing.

Content marketing is an expression for a basically simple process where you create content for other websites for free. Why give it for free? Because you can place your information and link to your website or other places within your content.

Affiliate marketing benefits from content marketing in the same way. If you are an affiliate and you are going to be selling something. The approach years ago was to just throw your affiliate link onto forums or Facebook. Basically where ever you could put a link. You approached affiliate marketing as selling. Not anymore.

Giving Knowledge and information. Now affiliate marketing means writing and producing content. Good, quality relevant content. Content that will answer what your customer is searching for. Say the latest software. They are looking to find out information about the software first. They are wanting to know “Does it work? What price or refund policy?” Can I use it on more then one device?” You write an informative piece of content answering those questions. Within the content, you are not giving them a sales pitch but you are giving them the information they are looking for. Than since you are an affiliate to that software you may add your link within the content.

Now that is the most basic of an example of how content and affiliate marketing works hand in hand today. If you can give knowledge or solve a reader’s problem, then you have it made.

To get traffic to your website, focus on the target market you want to arrive there. So, know who you’re aiming your specific content at. You’ll know the kind of person you want to your site. Therefore, create content they specifically are interested in, then put your content where that market goes or hangs out online. If you’re using more then one place to publish pieces of content then use a unique piece of content in each case.

In addition, you’ll want to be creating content, constantly. This is because the best effect is when the content is new to your target market, and more likely to be linked to. Of course, the more this happens the better.

Place your pieces of content on as wide a range of places as you can, or have it placed for you. For example, your target market might be on social sites, blogs, and forums. If you also re purpose your content so that you’re turning written content into audio and video, or some variation on this, like putting it on YouTube, then you can have a wider and related effect.

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Brand Reputation: Once you start producing a lot of content and targeting keywords for SEO, then the reputation of your website will start improving. By providing good quality content, you can build a good relationship with your customers as well. The relationship will again help you to drive more traffic to your website. Not only organically from search engines. Also, from social media as your brand becomes more known. Think Coca-Cola remember the share a coke. That campaign skyrocketed and revived lagging sales. Basically word of mouth campaign helped along with social media.

Speaking of social media Pinterest used a Pin It Forward campaign(modern day word of mouth) to grow from 3000 members in 2010 to well over 200 million followers in 2018.

Does Content and Affiliate Marketing Work?

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick solution then – NO

If you are looking for a way to build an affiliate marketing business based on content – YES

Content marketing is for the long term. The benefits to putting both affiliate and content marketing together for long term passive income is one of the best ways to go.

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In conclusion:

I hoped you have found my tips on content marketing helpful and useful. One of the great things is that content marketing can be used in any niche!! It is also considered evergreen, people are always looking for knowledge and solutions to problems. If you want to learn more about just what content marketing is please check out my other article What is Content Writing About? (Affiliate Marketing)

If you want to start your own business based on content marketing or want to learn more about how to do it, then jump on over to my # 1 Recommended training platform and get set up. It is free to look around and start.

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