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Commission Junction is an affiliate network but with a twist.

Much like Clickbank in the sense that it is a go between or better yet a hub for vendors and affiliates.They are two of the best online affiliate programs. Which means they are earning online oppurtunities. Both Clickbank and Commission Junction have paid out thousands to affiliates over the years from vendors.

Commission Junction(or known as CJ Affilliate by Conversant) is an affiliate network where you will find the some of the bigger brand companies to promote. You probably have visited websites in the past where you have noticed the ads for companies such as Home Depot,or Lowes;just to name two.Those ads more than likely came from Commission Junction (CJ) This is one of a few things that make CJ  different from Clickbank, you can find actual physical products to promote and make commission off of. Not just digital or software products.


Let me give you an example: Let us say you are interested in woman’s apparal,you write a well written article on Fall Jackets and styles for women. Now you want to monetize on that knowledge you just bestowed onto your reader’s and you want to give them a way to GET and BUY what you were just talking about. You head over to CJ start browsing through thier categories (really easy by the way) You find Naked Zebra Fall Jackets ..Perfect! Grab your affiliate link in this case it is a banner that will ultimately take your readers to the Naked Zebra site with your affiliate id on it. They buy and you get paid a commission from Commission Junction.

What Are The Cons With Commission Junction:

The biggest problem or disadvantage to CJ and there really is only one con; is that even though it is easy to sign up and become an affiliate with thier network. A lot (not all) of the vendors have thier own submission process to go through. What I mean by that is once you have decided on a vendor;let’s take Naked Zebra as an example again when you pull up thier information there is a box that says join program. This particular vendor approves affiliates manually so it my be a few days before you can promote any of thier products.

Also some of the bigger companies will look at your site first and base thier approval process on wether your content is relative to thier product,or in some cases how much traffic your website is generating. Not all programs are alike and they each have thier own requirements and differrent commissions. So please read and follow.

The Pro’s For Commission Junction:

A few important advantages: They have been around for well over ten years,so they have longivity.This alone makes them one of the best free online affiliate programs.

They also have a reputable reputation as being one of the biggest trusted affiliate networks online today,attracting many name brand companies. This alone makes it easier to convert when you have products on your site that your audience is familiar with. Makes them more likely to trust you and to buy from your links or banners.

Another pro is that once you have a few vendors that your promoting you are more likely then not to have additional vendors seeking you out.This totally elimenates that programs application process.

The payments are made from CJ once a month and are paid by either check or direct deposit,so you do not have to have a paypal account.Remember commissions are set by each vendor so they can range anywhere from 4% to as high as 65% at least the ones I am involved in, you may find some even higher.

The biggest plus in my opinion is the variety of vendors anything from e books to home and garden that you can take advantage of. That right there makes it a good fit for almost any niche you can think of.

Just another one of the many ways that work.

CJ has been my number #2 choice along with Clickbank for the best online affilliate programs.They are both affiliate networks meaning there are a variety of diferent vendors all under one roof.You don’t have to limit yourself to just one either.

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It starts with a passion and a vision. Add a dash of determination with action than YOU CAN Retire A Super Affiliate


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  1. Thank you for the information about Commision Junction. I was looking for to sing up with them. Seems like there is a lot of interesting stuff there.

    1. Such a variety doesn’t really matter what your niche is. Take your time look around and you can find lots of things to compliment your niche.

    1. Yes a lot of affiliates think they are like Clickbank and only have digital. Having physical products like Home Depot,apparel,wellness vitamins etc is what makes them different.

    1. No fee to join as an affiliate. Yes they do have a variety of products that will work with the making money niche. Anything from selling Bing ads to hosting and in between.You will find alot of them under thier category …business to business and network marketing.

  2. Thank you so much for this information on Commission Junction. I am thinking of joining them and this has just tipped my hand. Will do this tomorrow.

    1. I have been with them for a number of years,once you learn your way around they are a good resource. The do get new vendors in all the time to so always a variety.

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