Clickbank University – A True Digital Marketing Course

Clickbank University – A True Digital Marketing Course


Name: Clickbank University


Price: $47.00 then a bunch of up sells with different options

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 stars

Clickbank University:

This is Clickbanks product on, what else? How to use Clickbank for the biggest bang as both an affiliate and as a vendor. Clickbank University is a digital marketing course with expert knowledge and know how. It is a take you by the hand training course in everything Clickbank.

So what do you get.

8 week affiliate course plus a 12-week vendor class.

Bi weekly expert classes. Clickbank University toolkit and Traffic center

Personally the CBU toolkit is worth at least half of your cost

Since this is Clickbank this comes with their iron clad 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.


Does Clickbank University Work ?

Yes you can take what is taught and if implied it will work. For the benefits, knowledge and know how that you gain from this digital marketing course it is well worth the money.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

One of the cool features is the Clickbank Builder Tool 2.0 it helps with building a professional looking website and uses an easy to use drag and drop format and comes with some templates for ease of use.

Another feature is the CBU Toolkit this does require extra funds to use but comes with many resources, including an email service provider tool. You will also receive social media marketing material and resources with the toolkit. If you are wanting to leverage the vendor side of Clickbank and make and sell your own digital products I would recommend getting the up sell just for the CBU Toolkit and the Clickbank Builder Tool.

Clickbank University : Price $47.00 initially but you get a wealth of knowledge, does have a few different up sells with different payment options.

Can you make money with this system? YES

Click Here And Start Learning How To Be A Clickbank Superstar

My opinion – If you are serious and wanting to leverage all that Clickbank offers – affiliate and vendor than yes you can learn how to make some serious money from Clickbank.

What better way to do so than with one of their own products.

Clickbank University Overall 90 out of 100 stars


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29 thoughts on “Clickbank University – A True Digital Marketing Course”

  1. Great post and the rating you gave is a very good opinion how good it is.

    I’m usin the clickbank University for quite a while, yes it is costly, but the course and training they offer, makes everything fine.

    I’ve learned a lot since I joined them, and this combined with the Wealthy Affiliate course made me understand so much about it and in the end made me a good marketeer.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    • Exactly my thoughts Clickbank University is a great extension to what is taught with Wealthy Affiliate I have found them both to be more than worthwhile and valuable beyond measure.

  2. Hey there, 

    This article came just in time as I was looking for some digital marketing courses, and thanfully I have stumbled across Your article. I find Your review to be helpful and I am quite impressed that ”Clickbank University” covers different aspects of onlien business, such as creating visually appealing website, improving existing skills and learning new ones about marketing in general and more while being very user-friendly and offering 8 week affiliate course with 12-week vendor classes. Thanks for the review and keep up the good work! 


    • I am glad you found the article useful and helpful. Clickbank University is just one of a few legitimate opportunities that I have found to be good deals. My number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate has it is an all in one marketing platform and you can get started for free. However I found Clickbank University to be a great extension course on marketing. I wish you luck.

  3. I’m interested in using Clickbank to develop a product.  I haven’t decided if I want to create a video training course for my essential oil niche.  That or I want to create a 100 page eBook for Clickbank.  However, does Clickbank University help with product creation?  Maybe some ways to create products and promote them?

    • Yes as part of the University course is a 12 week vendor class that helps with the development and how to get them listed with clickbank. You will also get bi weekly expert classes on a variety of marketing and know how from Clickbank industry leaders

    • Yes I believe it to be worthwhile training outside of Wealthy Affiliate as an extension of your training. Especially if you are going to be making your own digital product to sell on Clickbank as a vendor the 12 week vendor class included is well worth the payment. I did an ebook yrs ago and I wish I had this training back than

    • I would reccomend Wealthy Affiliate first and foremost. Especially if you are a beginner or if you do not yet have a website. One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the two free websites they give you as a starter for no money and the continued training.
      Then I would add Clickbank University especially if you are wanting to make and market your own digital products they have some great training on just how to do so.

  4. Hi Cathy,

    Wow, super helpful article for us new to affiliate marketing. I have been using Wealthy Affiliates to develop my first site and gain a basic understanding of the affiliate marketing process through the training offered. Inevitably I have also noticed a lot of posts and discussion centered around the application of ClickBank as a marketing tool. I think after my niche site is more established and I have a deeper understanding of affiliate marketing my next steps will be pursuing ClickBank University and the Affiliate Bootcamp course offered at WA. After reading your article, I am really convinced it will be a great benefit in conjunction with what I’ve learned at WA. I didn’t realize the amount of tools and support offered at ClickBank. Thanks for a super helpful and candid review!

    Best 🙂


    • That is wonderful to hear that you are prioritizing and not just jumping ahead. With that attitude you will go far. Yes Clickbank itself does work ( made my very first sale with them many yrs ago) They also have grown as evidence to their Clickbank University program they have now. Keep with the Wealthy Affiliate training you will get there and if you need any help along the way,look for me cav1966 

  5. Hi there, can you please provide more information about the ‘bunch of upsells’ that you mentioned? Are those upsells actually required in order for Clickbank University 2.0 to be useful? There are some products out there that lure you in for little money, but then you can’t really progress without the upsells. Is Clickbank University 2.0 like that, or can you get benefit without the  upsells? Are they expensive? Thanks so much.

    • There is basiclly 2 different upsell each with one down sell if you dont buy the first one is called  lickbank builder the second upsell is their advanced trining. You are under no obligation to buy any extra. You can benefit without the upsells yes

  6. Hi Cathy,

    This is my first time hearing about clickbait university so it is definitely interesting and good to see such a summary. I have been just dabbling into affiliate,there are so many products available and person can get a little bit lost but I think the price 47 dollars is quite good. How did you find out about it for the first time? and how long do you think it takes before the investments return to you?

    Best regards


    • I found out about when I logged into my clickbank account as I have been with them for many yrs.If you are just now dabbling into affiliate marketing I would actually reccomend Wealthy Affiliate first you can start for free and they have great training and help for beginners just getting into affiliate marketing. Then after you have some knowledge I would add clickbank. Just my opinion. Both are worthy to check out

  7. Nice review of The Clickbank University course Cathy!

    I have heard of some not so favourable reviews on this before, so it was interesting to read your review saying that it was worth it and that you can make money if you take action.

    I think that’s they key!

    So many people don’t take action on the products they buy , then complain that they don’t get the results, I’m sure you agree?

    I also heard that this course was a monthly fee, but you state that it is a one off payment of $47, I guess the recurring fees may be one of the upsells?

    Anyway, thanks to your review I will be looking further into this program!



    • In whatever you do you have take ACTION Yes the traing works it is mainly for clickbank product promoting though. You are correct that it is a $47 per month 

  8. I have never tried Clickbank University although I have seen it advertised. I was thinking of trying it but I went for Wealthy Affiliate in the end. What are the differences between the two and if someone has already invested a lot of time in WA is it worth it go for CBU also? Your article is not giving many details and from what you write they seem very similar.

  9. Hello Cathy,

    I have finished my Wealthy Affiliate Certification Course a few months ago and was wondering if I should continue with the Bootcamp? After reading your review about Clickbank University, I am more unsure. Before this, I did think about promoting Clickbank products. Perhaps it is a good idea doing the Clickbank course…

    Looks like I will have to dig deeper to decide. Thanks for bringing this to light.


    • I would suggest doing the bootcamp first so you have a better idea of the affiliate marketing side of things first.Then after you can decide. As stated for some it will be a good compliment to Wealthy Affiliate training, ifyou are wanting to promote clickbank products.

  10. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very interesting.  I barely use clickbank, all i do is search for products i review but i am not a fan of the products the provide because a lot are out dated and not very good.  I did not know you can build a website through them and all of that but i am not a fan of all those up sells either, i heard a lot of negative things about Click bank and then your good review so i dont know what to think.

    • Clickbank does have a gravity and a popularity search feature,that will usually bring up the newest products first. Clickbank is an affiliate network and like most they do have good and not so good products.

  11. Hi Cathy,

    Love your short and sweet review.  I wanted to know if I should try the Clickbank University and got my answer from you.  I am not too fond of up-sells and you mention they do have some up-sells.

    Is the $47 you pay a once-off or a monthly premium?  Will I be able to learn what I need to know without paying for the up-sells?

     Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

    • My apologies or not mentioning this ,will have to fix it. The $47 is a per month recurring fee unless you cancel. Yes if you are wanting to learn how to market clickbank products than the training does provide this.  

  12. Thanks for the great review regarding CBU. Before starting my affiliate marketing journey, I’d actually saw presentation videos from CBU. I have to say that their videos are really enticing, professionally made and “alluring” at the same time to signup the program.

    In the end, I’ve made up my mind to join Wealthy Affiliate instead, a truly legit platform for bloggers and affiliate marketers with lesser upsells as compared to CBU 2.0

    I believe WA does offer the same value that CBU has to offer as well but at a more affordable rate for most people who’s just getting started.

  13. This is great information, thanks!

    I´ve just started with WA and in a while this might be the next step to take!

    Thanks again!


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