Clickbank Equates To Affiliate Money When Done Right


Passion and Clickbank Go Hand In Hand

Becoming a success online can happen in a variety of ways. One of those ways and the most pupolar is by being an affiliate.Now just about anyone can jump into affiliate marketing, the successful ones take thier time and research first and foremost. Not only on what is selling or the latest fad. No they dig and research further. Starting with sitting down and figuring out what they like and what they are passionate about.Successful affiliates create thier niche first.

Now you are probably saying,what does this have to do with Clickbank and how does this make me money? Well bare with me for a minute and I will tell you.

Once you have your niche or passion figured out you will want to go ahead and get you a website. This will give you a presence online and in time an authority.A website will give you a way to communicate with your potential customers.You can set up a free website here  Which the search engines like to see. Google and Yahoo for example,two of the biggest search engines don’t want to see just a bunch of affiliate links. No they like to see content and engagement. This is where you will succeed as a super affiliate.

Clickbank – A Top Affiliate Network

So now you have your niche or at least something you are passionate about. You are getting a website set up. You are going to need a product or service that goes with your passion. Welcome to Clickbank, one of the best affiliate networks to start with. Again this is all free.

Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks online today.They are mainly geared towards digital products. Another bonus to you as they can be instantly recieved after one of your customers makes a purchase. Which means you can see commision almost immediately in your Clickbank account. Now when I say digital products I am talking about e books,software, even membership sites in differing categories. Some vendors within the Clickbank market place are even starting to sell physical books,mainly cookbooks,diet books etc.

The Beauty Of Using An Affiliate Network Like Clickbank

For affiliates it is a one stop shop for many different products to promote from thousands of different vendors. If you like to be organized Clickbank does it for you. I will use myself as an example, right now I am promoting about 20 different vendors on various platforms,one of my websites,facebook etc. I dont need to keep track because Clickbank does it for me. They take care of credit card processing,accounting and ultimately your payouts.

Now maybe your a bit more ambitious or adventurous. Do you already have an ebook or similar type of product,an app or software that you want to sell. Than you can sign up with Clickbank to be a vendor as well. You can get other affiliates or consumers to buy and promote your product for you.

Variety also, as one of the largest digital product sellers Clickbank has as products in just about any niche you can imagine. The commisions vary depending on the vendor that you are promoting anything from 1% to as high as 75% depends on what you are promoting.

Payouts that you can trust Clickbank as been around some 20 years now. They also have a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+

Clickbank is just one of many affiliate marketing networks around. In my book they are one of the top 3. Personally Clickbank gave me my first affiliate commisions over a decade ago that’s when I knew you could actually make good money in this cyber world we call the internet.

It starts with a passion and a vision. Add a dash of determination with action than YOU CAN Retire A Super Affiliate.

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    • Yes i will be delving into a few others that i have had personal experience with in future articles. My number 2 choice would be comission junction or cj for short.Like clickbank they have longevity on thier side.Just to name one pro for them.keep an eye out for my next article.

    • My pleasure There are just so many ways to make legitimate income now a just have to know which ones are honest and which are scams. Glad i could help.


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