CB Passive Income License Program 5.0 Is It Really Passive Income?

CB Passive Income License Program 5.0 Is It Really Passive Income?

Name: CB Passive Income License Program 5.0

Website: http://cbpassiveincome.com

Price: $47.00 per month Plus 4 different up sells

Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 stars

Recommend – In good conscious NO

So Just What Is CB Passive Income

CB Passive income 5.0 is in a nut shell is marketing software used to make money from the internet, specifically from Clickbank products. Plus since this version 5.0 just launched you will get a few bonuses. The first bonus will be a membership to Insider Tools and Training. Bonus 2 is what they call the Fast Cash Series, for signing up you will get 15 months of past money making blueprints.Bonus 3 . Is also a new product from the owner The Traffic to Income Masterclass,this is a 90-day program that goes through at least one traffic generating strategy per month.


The owner of this software is Patrick Chen and he has been around for sometime now. He has written a few books

72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profits, Clicking Cash, The International Player and WakeUp Millionaire. Plus he has made a few Clickbank products over the years, including the original CB Passive Income, he has had much success in what he does. You can read more about Patric Chan here

cb passive 5.0

Alright so back to the product itself Patric Chan claims that you can just clone his system and make money. It is important to note that unlike many poor or scammy products that claim to make you a million dollars overnight CB Passive Income License 5.0 does NOT make those claims. This alone puts it into a legitimate category. This is a plus when looking at products to promote or use.

He does however state that you do not have to do anything for yourself as it is already done for you. This is only partly true, if you want to make money with this system you WILL have to put in some work. So I put this part down as a possible red flag.

The main thing you will be doing to make this work is to promote and drive traffic to your new URL and CB website.

The cool thing I found with this product as opposed to others is you get to keep whatever email subscribers you get from your traffic.Let me repeat,any subscriber you get through your landing page becomes your own customer. This is another way that makes CB Passive Income License 5.0 a legitimate product.

All the products promoted in CB passive income 5.0 do come from Clickbank and such they will all have money back guarantee attached to them. Again another plus when looking at products or promotions.

cb passive income license 5.0

When these people come to your new site and subscribe to an email list via an option page. They will be yours, even if you stop using the system. After you have your web page, you can promote that page using free and or paid traffic to drive people to it. Why would they want to sign up? Your landing page will be giving them something free in order to sign up. The web page, or more to the point a landing page will tell people what they will get for free if they option and subscribe to the email list.

This email list will then be how you will make affiliate commissions on clickbank products. When ever you get a new subscriber the system will start sending out and recommending clickbank products to your subscribers.

The principle is simple really, if you have been in affiliate or mlm marketing for any length of time you have heard the expression that “the money is in the list”

You will get some video training on how to drive traffic the videos are more like lectures on what has worked for some marketers and Patric Chan himself.


Can You Use Your Subscribers For Other Opportunities ?

You do have access to your subscriber emails and this as stated earlier is one of the things that set CB Passive Income License 5.0 apart from some other programs. So yes you can promote other products to those emails. Precaution here though yes they are yours but do not bombard your subscribers with too many emails or products at one time. Folks nowadays have no problem hitting the unsubscribe feature.

Some of the training you get :

How to utilize social media and leverage your social media accounts. You also get a short YouTube marketing course.

You also get a few solo ads to use, and a speel on Facebook marketing.

Patric Chan is also providing a recording of a 2-day workshop discussing how to create a stream of passive income. This workshop was conducted by an internet marketer who himself made around $300,000 per month promoting membership products. The training material is pretty rich. It could not only benefit you in CB Passive Income License 5.0 but also help you out in your other online businesses as well.


So in conclusion is CB Passive Income License 5.0 a legitimate program ?


Yes it is legitimate and remember there is a 60-day money backed guarantee if it is not for you.

Would I recommend it that question is a little harder to answer. If you already know how to drive traffic and IF you already have your own website then yes depending on what your website was about it could be a good fit. However, if you were just started out or if you are the type of person like myself that would rather have full control over their business instead of just emails then no I would not recommend these.

There is a better way and if you are looking to create a business of your own

CLICK HERE and start for free.

You will even get 2 free websites to help you get started that you can personalize.


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12 thoughts on “CB Passive Income License Program 5.0 Is It Really Passive Income?”

  1. Hi Cathy. Your article on CB passive income is very honest and informative. I had to read it twice because that first I thought you were recommending it. Sorry, I missed the ‘NO’ at the top of the page. It’s so difficult to find a legitimate online marketing business today. The internet seems to be saturated with scammers. Although “CB Passive Income 5” sounds honest enough, I personally would be put off the moment they start talking about upgrades. I don’t mind upgrading once or twice for a reasonable cost, but 4 times or more sounds excessive. I like to stay away from ClickBank itself, as it seems to be full of get rich schemes, and we all know that there’s no such thing. I’m prepared to work hard to make something work for me on line, but I’m not prepared to pay ridiculous amounts of money without some sort of real guarantee. The business you mention that has two free sites sounds like something I’d like to try. I think I’ll have a look. Thanks Jim 

    • Thank you for reading about cb passive. I found that even though it is a legitimate product like you I found it has too many upsells. Plus you really are only getting a landing page,yes some training that might be of benefit. BUT in the long run a business of your own is always best. The one I do recommend is also the one I use Wealthy Affiliate. Just the support,training,ongoing training I might add as technology is always evolving,the hosting alone pays for your monthly membership if you are premium. No upsells though you are free to stay as a free member for as long as you want. There are so many advantages to Wealthy Affiliate the main one is you can be in business for yourself!

  2. This was a very interesting article.  I appreciate that you included the page about Patric Chan and the titles of the books he has authored.  It all worked together to give me a clearer picture of his offer.  While it does sound good that all people that sign up for your list are yours, I wonder if the methods for attracting them are adequate.  It just sounds a bit like a one-size-fits-all plan.  However, you were very objective in your review, and I may take a look at it.

    • Thank you for your time. Yes as stated it is legitimate but you are right I also believe it is a like you said a one size fits all. I have no doubt it works if you have an understanding of how to attract traffic and use email marketing.Personally I will continue to use Wealthy Affiliate as my main platform as it allows me to grow my business my way.

      The good thing is that has a clickbank product you do have a 60 day money back guarantee if you do try it out. 

  3. At the beginning I like how you have offered your own personal experience by entitling “in good conscience” as it denotes a quality of concern in character and ethical governance which is refreshing to see.  I am new to the affiliate marketing world and as I started , I encountered a company that proved to do the upsell after upsell approach.  I appreciate you delineating so clearly your review, as it allows me to make more informed decisions.  I was very pleased learn of your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as a platform for a new online business owner.  A Canadian company and an ethical and connected kind of vibe. Great post and thank you for your insights!

    • Thank you for the kind words and for offering your experiences as well. Yes even though it is a legitimate program there are a few red flags including the upsells. Wealthy Affiliate you are in good hands they are a proven company with 13 years and counting in the business. And they are ethical both owners are also available to all members. Which makes the program above the cut. 

  4. I definitely appreciate the fact that CB passive income 5.0 actually has something of value to offer other people. The fact that they let you keep your email list is something that is really beneficial especially when a lot of affiliate commissions are made from email marketing.

    Speaking of email marketing, is there a course within 5.0 that teaches you how to get email leads and market to them?

    • They do give you training videos on how to get traffic and how to use social media in order to get traffic to generate leads. The video training is structured in a step by step approach. If you have a good landing page it is also possible to generate leads from ppc advertising also,

  5. Hi Cathy, 

    I had never heard of CB Passive Income before so it was great to learn a bit about the program and to hear your thoughts on it. It sounds like the program helps you build a marketing list and then Clickbank products are automatically promoted to the list? While it sounds great, I prefer to have control of the emails that my subscribers are receiving from me 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing Cathy. 



    • You got it. That right there is the gist of the product. Does it work yes if you know about traffic and some marketing,will it work long term not likely. I like you prefer to have more control over my leads and the content they are receiving.

  6. Yes, it definitely seems to be legitimate from everything you shared with us in your article and the other research I’ve been doing online, but it is just a little expensive, and I followed your link at the bottom talking about a better online program,and I have to agree,the Wealthy Affiliate program definitely seems to be a much better program.  Thanks for putting all of this great information together.  Appreciate it.

    • Thank you so much for reading and expressing your opinions on cb passive income 5.0. 

      With all the upsells and the fact that it is a monthly membership it is a little pricey. Wealthy Affiliate you get so much in return. Just the cost of web hosting and SSL site support and educational training it is priceless for what you get. I have not found any other platform that offers more for less


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