App Coiner – Can You Really Make Money Testing Apps?

App Coiner – Can You Really Make Money Testing Apps?


Name: App Coiner


Price: $27.00

Overall Rank: 4 out of 100 stars

App Coiner:

App Coiner claims they will pay you to download and test apps. Seems simple enough,we all use apps everyday now it seems. Some apps we have on our tablets and smartphones are very useful.some apps like Words With Friends are basically just time-consuming monsters. But hey they are fun right?

The market, especially for smartphone apps is enormous. Consumers spend billions every year on the fastest, greatest apps.

Which makes it harder and harder for developers to get noticed as the app market just keeps getting more and more crowded. This is where App Coiner comes in and wants to help, and they will pay you to help test all these new apps. Or so they say, but do they really?

Let’s Cut The Bull:

Alright so App Coiner sounds like a good deal let’s find out. We pay the $27.00 fee for the entrance into the world of apps. Once inside the member’s area we are greeted with tons upon tons of different apps. By this time I am like alright maybe this app coiner is legitimate. So pick an app, they let you download it for free and take it for a test drive basically.

Now hold up how do you make money with appcoiner ? Well I can tell you straight up, it is NOT by testing the apps, like they have lead you to believe.

app coiner

See the second part of their advert..write a review. That is right, you will have to write a review on the app that you just tested out. Even their sales page leads you to believe you will only be testing apps in order to get paid.

So now you have to do some work, test the app then write a review on said app. Where you post your review is entirely up to you, it is suggested however that you have your own website. When you test the apps out appcoiner gives you a special link for that app, basically an affiliate link. How it works is if someone found your review for that app and clicked on your special affiliate link for that said app you reviewed THEN and only then will you get paid from

So I would say maybe if you had a well-established website with a lot of traffic then maybe you could earn money with this program.

Tools: App Coiner does give you a few free e books and suggestions on how to market or promote your reviews. Price $27.00

Can you make money with this system? It might be possible to make a little. If you are good at promoting or marketing.

Truth in advertising? No not really, though their advert does state test apps, write review, get paid. There is a lot more involved than just 1,2,3.

My personal opinion – It is not worth the $27 though it is through clickbank so they do offer money back guarantee.

AppCoiner,com Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100 Boo’s

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2 thoughts on “App Coiner – Can You Really Make Money Testing Apps?”

  1. Hello Cathy, great scam review. I have tried out a program that is similar to App Coiner; you download apps and test them, you will be compensated for it. It was nothing but a load of bull, and I would never do it again. I do not believe in quick cash schemes, and plan to stick with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with your site!!!

    • Thank you for reading about app coiner. Unfortionately yes the get rich quick schemes are just that schemes that pry on folks looking for a decent online opportunity.


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