Affiliate Marketing Blueprint For Profitable Success

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint For Profitable Success

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around as long as the internet has been, and like the internet it has made leaps and bounds from what it once was.
Back than the way of earning money online through affiliate marketing was kind of like the old west. No rules and anything went as long has it made money. There was a lot of scrupulous companies wanting to screw you out of your hard earned money too. Hence where the term scam came from. Fast forward to today and affiliate marketing has grown up and become the best business model of making money online legitimately and passively,once you have put in the work. This is due to the numerous benefits it gives to small-scale, solo online entrepreneurs. And it’s an extremely prominent business model to the inexperienced ones online. Most prosperous online entrepreneurs today earned their first dollar through affiliate marketing.

I got my first start though affiliate marketing over ten years ago and today I am privileged to run 3 different websites. All based off of affiliate marketing and all three making me an extra income.

Here is why affiliate marketing is such a famous online business model:

  • Absence of Inventory: You do not need to rent or create products or warehouse space for storage. Simply put, you don’t need to invest your funds in stock that might not sell.
  • Low-Cost: With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to invest that much startup cost.Web hosting,some training etc. No rental space,no landlord.
  • No Hassles: You don’t process or ship orders. No handling of returns or making of phone calls!

Being a hassle-free business model, affiliate marketing helps you focus on promotion, sales, and revenue. It’s the ideal business model for the anybody.

Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing Success

A key component to success in affiliate marketing is choosing the right products to promote. These could be memberships, digital information products, online services, or physical products. There are so many niches that leverage this model.

Talking about target markets, you may want to streamline for those famous industries with proven and solid sales records.

Why waste your time and resources when you can leverage the sales potentials of well-known products that people admire? The awesome thing is that you can run an affiliate marketing business in a niche you’re interested in – you can merge interest with profits. This is the best as you will emerge an expert in the niche if you are passionate about it.

Here is a guide to perform your needed market research:

  1. Have a close watch on Twitter and Facebook for popular trends. What types of products or niches are really selling? Google even has a tool called Google trends. Yes Google themselves actually tell you what people are looking at!
  2. What is currently on the news? What’s everyone talking about out there?
  3. What are the hot selling products on platforms like eBay and Amazon?

The more sales potential a niche or product has, the more profits you can make. A famous product means more sales. Some famous niches include Natural health, Yoga, Supplements, Apps, Dating, Investment and Financial Advice, Gluten-Free, Video Games and many more.

I have three as I mentioned earlier they are in the Natural Health Niche (CBD), my second one is NFL and Pets ,my third is the make money online niche (the site you are reading now)

While most amateur marketers run away from markets that are famous and competitive, prosperous marketers know that those are the markets to focus on because it’s the most promising market.

Getting Affiliate Partners

A lot of affiliate programs are out there dealing in just any service or product creditable, though not all of these are made equal. You want to become part of a reliable program with a status for caring for its partners and paying the right commissions to them.

Whenever you come across an affiliate program that you believe has a sales potential, perform a quick Google search or search affiliate marketing related forums to find out what users have to say about them.
Here are well-known affiliate partners with good standing:

  • Share a Sale a network of 4,500 Merchant programs across a variety of categories. Discover and apply for new partners today.something for everyone.
  • I got my very first commission check from this network they are still going strong over a decade later.
  • Commission Junction Affiliate works with some of the most-famous brands in the online world.
  • Amazon — have you shopped here? Do you know the range of products it offers? If yes, join the Amazon Associates program and make the most out of it.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketing

Promoting Your Affiliate Marketing Products

Social media is fast becoming a go to place to spread the word about your business.

Everyone is on Twitter and Facebook today. And they aren’t just sharing exciting dog videos. Frequently, they do have reasons to purchase, particularly if they find an appealing offer on their news feeds. Social media is great way to promote as long as you follow the rules and set your pages up correctly. Spam is a no no and will in some cases actually cause you to lose your social media accounts.

SEO is a free marketing approach, even though it’s a bit more daunting but it brings optimal results in the end. It requires a consistent blogging practice, publishing useful and informative posts on your blog consistently and perhaps frequently.

You publish articles 4-5 times per week. And with time Google rewards you with higher rankings for constantly delivering awesome and useful information through your blog. The higher the rankings, the more the search engine traffic, the more the revenue!

Have you taken a look at your email lately?You might have a couple of emails you received from some merchants or other enterprises you have a passion for. That’s email marketing and, of course, an excellent tool for affiliate marketers of all levels. We have all heard the saying that the money is in the list.

Typically, you invite visitors to your landing page, website, social media network or blog and ask them to leave their email addresses. And you can send to them informative content together with exclusive offers to their email.

Email helps to build relationships with your potential clients. You frequently send those offers and valuable content related to your specialty, perhaps a newsletter, or promotional emails like sales emails, directing them to your sales page and asking them to make a purchase.

The valuable information you frequently provide to them makes them get to know, trust and like you and your brand, which makes it more likely that they will make a purchase. Keep in mind if using email marketing you must establish trust and send informative content not just advertisements and sales letters.

Paid advertising is supposed to be your very last step in promoting your various affiliate products. Some people say that you should only do paid advertising if you are in an MMO specialty and have a variety of products proven to sell well and a solid sales funnel that will persuade the prospects to make a purchase. I believe paid advertising can and does work in just about any niche as long as it is presented and monetized correctly. This way when you invest the funds in paid advertising, which is likely to cost a whole lot of money, you should get a considerable ROI (return on investment).

Pro tip: Start little with paid advertising. I would also recommend starting with Bing paid per click ( PPC) first before jumping into the facebook ad bandwagon. Check things out first. And once you’ve come up with a strategy that works and you’re sure that returns are feasible, you may then roll out a powerful paid advertising campaign for your affiliate marketing business.

Start your business today

Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business

You’ve got the entire structure for an ideal affiliate marketing business, with a detailed guide for starting out.

It may sound hard at first. But if you can run it one step after the other, you’ll be able to do it and achieve great success in the business. Make sure you take steps related to building your business on an everyday basis. Certainly the right mindset helps and with time you will succeed. Experts suggest giving yourself at least a year.If you can commit to building an online presence over the next year you will be successful.


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18 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Blueprint For Profitable Success”

  1. Hi Cathy Cavarzan, thank you very much for writing a great review with a nice title “Affiliate Marketing Blueprint For Profitable Success”. For the past few days, I was looking for the best platform to start affiliate business. By reading your post I felt I get the right platform, I hope to get more great review from you in the future.

    • That is so wonderful to hear! I love when people find value in what I am writing. For me that is a win win, you got value and my time was to write was not in vain.

  2. I have been thinking of joining the affiliate marketing bandwagon for some time now. I have heard many success stories such as your own. How long had you worked on your website until your got that first check from clickbank? 4-5 posts a week seems reasonable, although would you recommended doing more if time allows? Thank you so much for your help, I look forward to getting started! 

    • My first check from clickbank was actually without a website when I first started. Back then it was a lot of forums that was where my first one came from,but it was enough to let me know it worked! The number of posts does have a lot to do with google trusting you as a marketer and as an authority. If time allows I would say yes definately do more than 4 or 5 per week. However your articles and posts must be of quality content,they can not be copy and paste(google will ding your website for such things) will not rank you.

  3. You’ve got here an honest assessment of what affiliate marketing is. I’m currently testing dropshipping as an alternative to affiliate marketing and right in the middle of this business, I got this conclusion that affiliate marketing is so much better than drop shipping as far as personal freedom is concerned. That’s why I agree with you that if someone wants an online business that has no hassles like order and shipping processes, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

    • I can tell you I have done both affiliate marketing and dropshipping. Both have been lucrative for me. I did drop shipping on Ebay years ago and it was great,but the amount of work and keeping up with the inventory through the drop shipping sites was tough. It is also hard when you are putting your business in somebody elses hand. With affiliate marketing I have found it much easier and I get to decide what I write about,what I promote or don’t etc. Lots less headache for sure with affiliate marketing.

  4. Hello Cathy. Indeed Affiliate Marketing is the best online business model ever. As a matter of fact, it is my favourite model so far among the various models I have read about. I will be launching my website on or before January next year by God’s grace and I am sure I will be good to go. Thanks for sharing this post as it is very relevant to my success untold. Best regards!

    • It sounds like you already have the success mindset for it. You stated I will be good at it,instead most folks would say I might be good LOL You already know so you will succeed especially if your work ethic is the same. Can’t wait to see you launch that website.

  5. Amazing to see that you have 3 different niche websites. I am planning to run 3 different niche websites for MMO Niche (being my ultimate website), Music Niche (My favourite tho) and Tech Niche (I’d write reviews on tech products especially smart ones. Good to know that you are making money off your Affiliate Marketing websites. It is always a good news I love hearing as it inspires me to do more and wait for the time of harvest.

    Thank you!

    • Believe me it is a lot more work to run three than one,but can be worth it if you have the time management. My advice though is to stick with one till that one is making money and than spread out,this way you are not burning yoursel out. You will also make money much faster if you focus on one first.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is Affiliate Marketing Blueprint For Profitable Success. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business of the points mentioned in your article. It’s been a while since I joined Affiliate Marketing. I have achieved everything from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform where I am working and successful in training.
    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

    • Thank you for the kind words and yes please you may share this. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is an exceptional business model going forward,more so then ever before.

  7. There is no doubt about it when you say that Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular online programs to earn a passive income from. Part of the reason why is becoming so popular is due to the influx of digital freelancers. These days everybody wants to earn income online, some workers who are yet to retire, have already set their presence online. Still, the people at advantage are those people like you who have been long into the business. But for any beginner, who reads most of the golden testimonials, when they join and see what it takes and how long it takes to earn a penny online on any niche, they feel frustrated and disappointed.

    However, as you rightly pointed out, affiliating marketing is cost-effective. Your not renting anything, except your website. No stocking, no inventory. with little or no cash you can start affiliate marketing on any product of your choice. Where the work is on generating the traffics. Once you have a strategy to do that, you’re covered.

    Thanks for sharing.



    • You are absolutely correct.Where else can you be in business and have a presence for less than a few hundred bucks a ear. Rent for a business building alone is at least 5 times that. If you can stay persistent and actually learn affiliate marketing the right way,then the earnings potential for passive income is incredible.

  8. It’s good to always look out for articles that can be of help to you in your business, learn to know more and apply the good ones you’re able to get into your business. Affiliate marketing as a business is very easy so far you have the needed background knowledge, thanks for sharing this, it’ll be of great help

    • Im glad you found the article helpful. To many times I see people wanting to get into affiliate marketing and then they try to reinvent the wheel when there is no need. Keep it simple and it works wonders.

  9. Getting affiliate partners is one aspect that i have not explored and your post has opened up my insight. i started affiliate marketing a few months ago and i have been struggling to get products to the public. the tips you have shared here will really help me. thank you very much


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