Affiliate Bot 2.0 Is Automation Worth It?

Affiliate Bot 2.0 Is Automation Worth It?

We are going to take an extensive look at the latest in automation products and try to answer that question today and a few more. What if there was a way for you to use automation for your own affiliate marketing purposes?

What if using software that used automation could cut your work load down considerably?

Now in all transparency here until recently I was of the old school thought ” Anything worth doing right you did on your own” For the most part that still holds true for me. However, since I have been online and making money with my own affiliate marketing business some of my thoughts have evolved when it comes to automation. Email marketing and the use of autoresponders is a good example. Email is time-consuming always has been, now with automation and autoresponders the time spent on email marketing is cut down by at least 80%. Time earned to be more productive in other areas of business.

Introducing Affiliate Bots 2.0

This piece of software ( actually it is a bundle of software automation tools) started back with Affiliate Bot 1.0 in November 2018. Than in Feb 2019 it got a makeover and an update. Affiliate Bots 2.0 was born.

Now most products which claim to “earn you cash on autopilot” usually turn out to be complete scams or they fail to deliver what they say.

Affiliate Bots 2.0


However, once in a while you will find some real gems and while Affiliate Bots 2.0 uses a lot of the same language and makes some of those same claims…it is different! It does seem like Affiliate Bots 2.0 is and can be a “money-making machine” that’s actually real.

To cut right to the point…YES this does work so if you have read enough go grab it right away while it is still at launch priceAffiliate Bot 2.0

Who is Affiliate Bots 2.0 for ?

I must admit this part of their sales page is a little misleading. They say it is for anyone in affiliate marketing, including newbies. Now that may very well be true. I guess it does depend on the individual, but personally I think newbies might be a little overwhelmed. Let me elaborate a minute here on what I mean by that. First the whole Affiliate Bot 2.0 package consists of 37 software bots… A hell of a lot of software to digest and try to figure out especially if you are new. Plus this does seem to work best if you already have a website of your own.

I do want to mention here that one of the software bots is a 1 Click Page that will create instant websites for you, however they do not have the same personalization that owning your own website gives you.

Now given all that it is of my opinion only, if you are a newbie and want to give it a try that is awesome and I hope you do because it will put you ahead of the curve as it pertains to automating your affiliate business.

Alright the other group that is best for Affiliate Bots 2.0 is moderate to seasoned marketers. You will definitely have some fun with this package.

Here is a brief image showing some of the features with this package. If you want to go and grab it just click on the image.Affiliate Bots 2.0 features

Affiliate Bots 2.0 A Somewhat Brief Description

If you are familiar with Affiliate Bots 1.0 or have heard about it before that is awesome, if not than you are in for a treat. That first edition of Affiliate Bots was a big success and thousands signed up with very few refund’s given. Why? Because the software works. Why you ask then for Affiliate Bots 2.0 if the first one worked so well ? Easy boils down to value, Affiliate Bots 2.0 has a lot of upgraded features, including a big focus on traffic generation that was not in the original. This package also gives you access to tons of new tools, modernized to keep up with this ever-changing industry.

This really is a collection of tools and apps that’ll help you succeed in the Affiliate Marketing world. There are 37 different pieces of software all bundled together, you can use one, three or all 37 that is up to you. You will get them all for one low unheard-of price.

Affiliate Bots 2.0 is your own arsenal. Each piece of software has a unique and specialized role. The other main difference between the first edition and Affiliate Bot 2.0 here is the vast number of tools you’ll have access to. Affiliate Bots 1.0 offered 17 tools, while Affiliate Bots 2.0 adds a further 20 tools to the list – all for exactly the same price point.

So in a nutshell, this product is basically a collection of tools you need to succeed in the affiliate marketing business with a handful of the most profitable affiliate networks in the business.


What’s All Included In Affiliate Bots 2.0?


37 Software Tools Affiliate Bot 2.0

Now because there is so much to this package I will go over some of my favorite tools, and the apps which I think are the most useful to any affiliate marketer.

AI Traffic Search

This neat little tool lets you search over 100,000 websites for the best traffic opportunities. It’s basically a search engine that focuses on 18 different traffic generating methods across the entire web. Traffic is a major focus of this product, and it’s clear that the founders understood how important this factor is to affiliate marketing success. The AI Traffic Search Engine instantly connects you with tons of highly targeted traffic generating opportunities.

With this search engine tool, you’ll find things like PPC and Display Ads, SEO Traffic, Social Media opportunities, Advertising opportunities, Adsense, and countless other traffic sources.

Web Widgets

If you believe the hype, this little tool instantly boosts the conversion rate of any website out there. Just copy and paste on a single line of code into the site’s HTML, and you’re good to go.

In total, there are ten widgets you can use to help boost conversions in this manner.

Banner Builder

This is another awesome tool you can use to boost your online revenue significantly. It creates instant banners for any affiliate product you’re trying to sell.

Affiliate Ads 2.0

This is an upgraded version of the software that came with Affiliate Bots 1.0. It allows you to search through 200 ClickBank Affiliate programs and split-test them to find the best ones.


This one is extremely handy to have just a click away. Takes the manual work out of finding Warrior Plus products.

Warrior250 lets you search through the top 250 most profitable affiliate programs on WarriorPlus, plain and simple. The supreme part about this app is that it’s updated daily.

IMAffiliate Tool

This handy little piece of software shows you the affiliate programs that the owner Chris X has found the most success with and often promotes himself. Kind of like having insider knowledge to the programs that work and are worth promoting, Cuts down on a ton of research and legwork. All the programs for this software are going to be in the internet marketing niche.

King Of The Zon

Basically everything Amazon that you need.

This simple and easy to use database reveals the top-selling items on Amazon. You will see hot new items that are appearing on Amazon for the first time. This’ll give you a real edge over the competition, and once again, it’s like you’ve got insider knowledge.

Launch Pulse

Launch Pulse is another awesome tool that gives you a serious advantage over your competitors. It gives you detail into big upcoming product launches on JVZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus.

A whole 30 days in advance notice, so you’ll be on top of the game with what is fresh and new.


CB250 is another listing of the top affiliate programs basically it finds the top products on Clickbank

King Of The Zoo

King Of The Zoo shows you the hottest new products on JVZoo just like the above. This system like the others mentioned above focuses on affiliate programs which are earning thousands of dollars each and every day for single affiliate marketers. If they can earn it, then so can you.

1 Click Affiliate

This is by far one of the most fun tools included in Affiliate Bots 2.0. Basically this tool sets you up with a fully developed affiliate website in just 60 seconds. Now I do say affiliate website loosely as I do believe if your going to succeed long term you need your own. That said however with a single click, you’ll have all the landing pages you need for any niche. It works for pretty much any product under the sun. Yes they are landing pages not websites. Do they work? Yes

1 Click Video Pages

This tool operates under the same principle, the only difference being the addition of video pages. With a single click, you can create simple but effective video pages that’ll convert. All of these video pages supposedly use the same templates that Chris X has been using for his own affiliate marketing endeavors, so they have a proven track record of profitable success.

Rapid Video Creator

We all know that YouTube videos drive sales like never before? YouTube right now is considered one of the big search engines right behind Google. Now with Rapid Video Creator, you can easily create YouTube videos for any niche or product, and it’ll only take you a grand total of 60 seconds.

Resell Database Software

This resell database is an absolute goldmine.

It comes with thousands of additional pieces of software and tools that can be licensed in just a few minutes.

Yet another awesome way to rake in cash online.

If you are into reselling and PLR this is definitely going to benefit you.

Automail Software

Yes no software package is complete nowadays without mentioning email. The money is in the list we have all heard it.

An auto-responder is pretty much essential today if you are running any type of business online. Affiliate Bots 2.0 delivers with their own version of this important software. Build lists and send emails with absolutely no limits. You will have access and complete control over your lists.

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Email

Flip DB

Do you want to try your hand at flipping domains ? With this database, you’ll see over 360 websites that are earning tons of cash per month. This in itself can be big business. All data used for this one comes from Flippa.

ClickBank Banners Tool.

A database which allows you to search through 1800 different banner ads for the most profitable ClickBank affiliate programs out there. Again this cuts down on a ton of time and research Affiliate Bots 2.0 gives us a banner tool where you can filter based on banner size, payout, and other important factors. This adds tons of value to a product already brimming with useful tools.

This is only a few of the many tools available within the Affiliate Bot 2.0 package.

This whole package also is cloud based

Training PDF’s Included

Every single tool has its own special training video, and there are also tons of PDF s to read over.

Price – How Much For Everything

$17.00 for the whole package!!

There is also an exit pop up that will give you a discount of $5.00

Sweetening the deal to a cool $12.00

Affiliate Bots 2.0


One Time no recurring membership and you get a ton of very useful tools that can make you serious money.

My Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that:

JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon and WarriorPlus the big four are all going through insane growth right now with no sign of slowing down. Affiliate marketing as a whole is expected to continue climbing for the next decade. So it just makes sense to grab these tools that can help make the difference between a 4 figure income or a 6 and 7 figure income.

What are your thoughts do you agree some automation is becoming a necessity or just a want? Drop me a comment and tell me what you think?

If you are interested in creating and building your own website or if you are looking for more information on the many benefits and how to’s of internet marketing than check out My # 1 Recommended Resource and Training University Here



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15 thoughts on “Affiliate Bot 2.0 Is Automation Worth It?”

  1. This sounds like genius to me. I am a newbie in the online marketing and I can feel the stress in bones. Knowing that there is something out there that will help me in the later years of this online marketing is so relieving. I will be trusting on your word for it that this really works and will check it out. By the way for how long after being an online marketer should one consider the Affiliate Bot 2.0?

    • If you are brand new to affiliate marketing I would personally advise waiting about 3 months at the least, The reason I say this is because you need to have a working understanding of just how affiliate marketing works and a better understanding of how content creation works or your seo.

  2. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Affiliate Bot 2.0.

    From your review it’s obvious that there’s a lot of value here with all these tools, and all for only $12 one time fee? I could not believe that it’s that cheap.

    I think these automation tools will definitely give you a big edge because they save you a lot of time and time is money. With these tools I can build landing pages in minutes whereas if I were to do it myself it could take a whole day! Thanks for the review.

    • Thank you for reading my review. Yes I am beginning to see the value of automating parts of my business as weel. Definitely helps cut down on time and like you stated time is money.

  3. Hi and thanks for reviewing this new bundle of Affiliate Bot 2.0.

    I am always on the lookout for new products in the affiliate marketing niche. I also reviewed some Warrior+ products but unfortunately, I can not say that I would recommend many of them.

    Now this Affiliate Bot is a big collection, I read some of the descriptions you made but here too, I can’t see too much advantage of using them.

    I think the focus is also on selling not really valuable products and building a business on sales funnels that most often not satisfy my readers.

    What worries me the most though, is that I’m afraid that by using a number of these products I’ll lose more time understanding them, installing and using them than that I save from what they deliver.

  4. I’m so glad I found your site because I actually purchased the Affiliate bot 2.0 programs and when I got inside, I was a little lost about what I had purchased.  The prices was literally unbelievable, and it was a no-brainer because I kept  seeing great reviews about the program, and one of my fellow marketers recommended it to me.  I trust this person a lot, so I purchased it.  Now with the help of your fantastic review, I will be able to try some of the cool programs included in this amazing program.  Thanks.

    • I am so glad my review has helped you see the value in Affiliate Bots 2.0. I hope you are having some fun with it. What are some of the function you have used and have you had success doing so?

  5. OMG! Cavarzan, what a super post you’ve come out with! I’m a newbie struggling to work part-time online and editing email is really time consuming. Last week,  I was thinking about elaborating a list of more than 700 emails and till now I haven’t decided to begin! Affiliate Bots 2.0 seems to be a solution for me. Thanks to this post, you opened my eyes and mind! What’s more, the price is not too high given the number of other softwares included in the package.

     Since it is not meant for quite new in online business, even newbies seemingly need more about this pack (Affiliate Bots 2.0). So, I look forward to reading tutoriasl about this Automation software.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • If you do decide to get this definitely take the time to study the pdf’s that come with it. The email automation is almost a must now days for any marketer. It is of benefit for you to get an autoresponder of some kind moving forward in your business.

  6. Wow, 37 software bots is definitely overwhelming for a newbie, I agree.

    While I can definitely see the benefit of this type of software package for a very busy affiliate marketer, I would have to err on the side of caution of automating traffic, ads, or even video creation. The video piece is intriguing. Do you know if the automated content creation (like the video creator) is duplicative across each user? I wonder if that would have an impact on a users rankings within Google or YouTube. 

    Have you been able to find any customer reviews of the automation bot services? That would definitely be interesting to see the success of such a vast automation service. Thank you for taking time to review. I’m always interested to learn which types of products are being created that could possibly make my job as an affiliate marketer more manageable.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. While I have used the AL Search and a few others,I can not personally say about the video creation. Video is one area that I have not delved into to much with my business as of yet. As far as reviews a quick search on google does show good reviews of this across the board.

  7. I’ve heard about affiliate marketing automation tools and didn’t expect to find it so… complete. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing, so I really hope I can overcome the ‘overwhelmed’ situation as you mentioned above. Can you recommend which bots should I use first? It’s quite amazing that the whole package is US$17 only, so I may want to give it a try. Thanks

    • Hello and thank you for commenting. This was a surprising package for sure,that almost all of this software is useful in cutting down on time management. I would recommend learning about and implementing the al search and if you are on warrior plus I would learn the warrior250 has both will be a big help to you.

  8. Hi Cathy
    I have bookmarked this post and will back when I get paid to purchase this product as it looks to be very good and I hope it will help me develop my business to the next level
    Thank you

    • Thank you for taking the time to research and read about how some automation might just be a good thing. While automation will not take the place of human experience sometimes it does save us a lot of research time. Thank you for bookmarking this as well.


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