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A Green Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunity

A Green Revolution That Is Helping With Health And Finance

No doubt that unless you have been out in the desert or under a rock you have heard about hemp and cbd oil.Since the passing of the farm bill back in 2018 industrial hemp and the products that are coming from this plant are all the rage. Most important is the cbd oil industry. This industry alone is estimated to sky rocket into the double billions in just five years. Yes I said Double Billions!!

If you are into affiliate marketing and you are wanting to retire and live the life of your dreams than you have to seriously consider the cbd oil market. This is the right time, at the beginning of the media explosion to get into this market. Not only it is already lucrative this is a product that you can believe in!. Put simply cbd works there is research after research coming out almost daily about it’s effectiveness on pain and overall health.

Keep reading below to find out about one such company and why I became partnered with them. They really are passionate about helping others and educating consumers about this wonderful plant and not just cbd but educating consumers on the hemp industry and cannaboids in general.

CBDBioCare offers a free unique and unbeatable business opportunity for everybody that wants to get into the CBD business. They offer 2 ways of doing this the most popular option is to become a sales representative. The second is to become a full fledged wholesaler. Yes they have a wholesale program for those that want to take their business to the next level.

Become a Sales Representative today It’s FREE!!! 

Why sell CBD oil and related products? The answer is two fold and simple.

Number one reason CBD works there is mounting scientific evidence of it’s validity coming out almost daily. Not only the research data but the thousands upon thousands of reviews from everyday people just like me and you.This is natural and works on your own bodies systems not a bandaid for symptoms that so many Dr prescribe that do not work or worse the long term side affects of pharma drugs. More and more people are turning back to what nature gives us as they are fed up with the side affect risks and the high cost of prescribed drugs.

Second reason if you are looking to get into a hot and lucrative niche market than cbd is it!  The CBD market is set to pull in $16 billion by the year 2025(some predictions are even higher). The timing could not be better as only about 7 percent of the population is using cbd right now. That is changing daily also. You can read more about some of the history behind hemp in my article What is Hemp and Why Do We Care

So what makes CBDBioCare so unique?

Quality of products:

  1. Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  2. Whole Plant – CO2 Supercritical Extraction Methods
  3. Organically grown in the USA
  4. USA manufactured – They use an FDA approved facility and good manufacturing practices
  5. 3rd Party tested throughout the whole process from plant to product. Tested numerous times throughout to ensure quality
  6. Company Transparency

Certificates of Analysis on every product made. Complaint with all laws,because of their unique whole plant co2 supercritical extraction method (no THC) Certificate of Analysis shows potency and you can see the ingredients on every product.

With so many cbd companies popping up CBDBioCare makes it a point to be there,not only for their sales representatives but also for your customers.They man a full customer service line and are available 5 days a week Monday thru Friday 8:30 Am to 4:30 Pm EST.

As A Sales Representative What do you get when you sign up?

CBD Biocare is committed to providing the highest quality, organically grown, full spectrum CBD oil available in the marketplace. Each batch of our oil is third-party tested multiple times for safety, purity and potency. From plant to product, our powerful, all-natural formulas provide exactly what today’s discerning consumers demand. We are an established CBD oil business dedicated to running the best CBD affiliate program available, through our accessible platform that allows anyone to join the marketplace. All of our CBD direct sales representatives receive:

  • Comprehensive sales and marketing dashboard
  • Customizable sales reporting
  • Automated post-purchase emails
  • Commissions paid bi-monthly
  • Compounding Commissions
  • Access to training and support
  • Access to private Facebook affiliate group
  • Weekly live Facebook training

Our commission structure is not based on a multi-level marketing platform; it’s simple to follow and easy to understand—you sell products and you receive a commission. Your commission rate is determined by your sales volume, but unlike other affiliate programs, there are no minimums, no fees and no sales quotas to achieve.

  • Compounding Commissions which means sales totals build each month and are added to the next. No need to start over at zero each month!
  • Receive lifetime commissions.
  • Easy to follow!

I invite you to check out CBDBioCare and it’s business for yourself today. Not only does the company care about the quality of their cbd products but they care and go the extra mile for their sales representatives.

Bundle and Save



How is the best way to sell CBD? INTRODUCE + EDUCATE = SALES

CBDBioCare not only wants great sales representatives but they have a passion for all things cbd. They are passionate not only about their own products but educating the public on the many benefits of cbd for your everyday daily lives. They go the extra mile So you can be sure as a sales representative when you sell CBDBioCare products to new prospective clients you are selling them one of the best most transparent cbd lines on the market today.

free cbd business opportunity
Changing lives one bottle at a time

Have questions? Feel free to leave me a comment. I answer all questions.




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  1. I ‘ve heard that CBD has become a hot and lucrative niche market in the USA recently. I don’t know much about CBD oil. It seems there are a lot of health benefits and its market is expanding rapidly. The commission structure is really attractive and I believe you can earn quite a lot if you spend much time on promoting it. It seems that being CBD affiliates is only limited in some countries? You can’t be affiliates in Asia? Right? It is not popular in Asia. Many people haven’t heard of that.

    1. As of right now the answer is no it is not available for the Asia market. In time perhaps. However if you do have a global website you could sell as a sales rep or an affiliate to the United States,Canada and some European markets.

  2. Good, having read what you have here, it is apparent that it is not an MLM scheme which is a good thing. I use cbd myself and I can say it really works so the claim of billions is very believable. It’ll be nice for me if we can make our own cut of that money by being a sales representative. I could be a sales representative using the affiliate marketing business model. Will be really good for me. Thanks a bunch.

    1. Yes gone are the days of your typical door to door sales rep. With today everybody being online and growing,this is a business that would be very easy to implement as an affiliate into your website goals. Good luck and thank you for taking the time to read my article. 

  3. Hi Cathy, as you said CBD oils are booming and are only getting bigger and bigger. It’s good to know that CBD Biocare is trustworthy when it comes to affiliate marketing because when things get popular there are a lot of scams and people trying to make money of you. Thanks for exposing this insightful affiliate marketing business opportunity! 

    Thank you,


    1. I will say I review many different cbd affiliate programs and cbdbiocare is among the best most trustworthy I have found so far. There are many cbd affiliate programs for sure but most are mlm type modals that will not make you much money. More importantly they wont educate you about cbd neither and that is a big deterant

  4. It is a simple truth that the cbd market is booming larger with each passing day and the time cannot be more perfect to join a cbd platform to exploit this booming market. It ia also true that the quality of cbd oil is immense because I also make use of it and as such, selling it to people would be much easier for me to do. Cbdbiocare seems to be offering so much more and I will surely look in to exploit their offer. Thanks so much for sharing this offer

    1. I do hope you check it out it is free to join so you have nothing to lose. Since you are a user of cbd oil yourself you can use your testimonial on the benefits for your readers,it is a great selling point. More importantly then sales however is educating the public on the benefits so they can make informed decisions especially when it comes to their health care and overall well being.

  5. Hello Cathy,

    It’s amazing to hear that the CBD oil industry could be increased into double billions in just five years. It’s always a plus to have nice feedbacks from the users themselves instead of having just the statistics from the research conducted by the company. That is simply because since we all are users, we tend to believe the reviews from the people who brought the product before us. As you have mentioned this really seems like a very good niche idea. I will check out more about CBDBioCare and it’s business. Thank you for this wonderful article Cathy. 🙂

    1. I agree with you on looking at the reviews also. Right now you can check out over 700 reviews from real users right on their site. They are very transparent. Not only is the market lucrative from a business stand point the product itself is extremely beneficial to it’s users.

  6. I don’t know much about CBD. I’ ve heard from other people that it has become a lucrative and profitable niche these days. 

    The commission system seems very attractive.  I think if you spend much time on promoting it, you will earn quite a lot of money because the market is expanding rapidly.  However, I wonder if there is a market in Asia, because Asian people don’t know much about it. And to be CBD affiliates,  what are the requirements? Is this only limited to a certain number of countries?

    1. Thank you for reading up on cbd.. I did look into marketing in Asia for you and unfortunately I could not find any companies that ship or promote in Asia at the moment. You could however sign up as a sales rep and promote to the U.S and Canada market by way of a website though. 

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