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8 Myths Of Affiliate Marketing Debunked

8 Myths Of Affiliate Marketing Debunked

If you found out about affiliate marketing from a friend or even just browsing the internet, there’s a chance that you have come to some preconceived ideas about it that are likely to be false.We’re not saying you shouldn’t set your own expectations or come to your own conclusions. But it’s important to set the right expectations so you don’t end up discouraged and give up before you’ve even given yourself a real chance. In order to do that you have to do your research and look at and for the good and the bad.

So, let’s debunk a few myths surrounding affiliate marketing and look at some facts:

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MYTH 1: Affiliate Marketing Is Easy

You may have heard people say that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start an online business. After all, you just need an outlet to promote the products and affiliate links and you’re all set to go. Now that might sound like something a twelve-year old can do, the truth is that there’s so much more to it.Like we’ve mentioned before, affiliate marketing is a kind of business and the most successful affiliate marketers will treat it like a business.

Just because you’ve joined affiliate programs and own a blog, doesn’t mean you’ll achieve overnight success.

You need to know how to convince visitors that what you’re promoting is worth their money. Not only that to be a successful marketer you have to give your visitors and customers something else besides just sales pages. You have to give them VALUE! You have to try to solve your visitors problems. Good marketing sense is also a must-have if you want to promote

effectively. People need to feel without even meeting you that you’re someone they can trust. It’s up to you to inspire that feeling not through your product promotions, but through your content and your information. So is affiliate marketing easy? Yes it can be but it takes practice and patience. So I would say this myth is mostly true.

MYTH 2: More Traffic = More Money

It’s common to think that more hits to your website automatically guarantees more sales. So people make the mistake of writing crappy content, ad copies, and adding as many click baits as they can just to get people on their site.

There’s never been a stupidier way of making money from affiliate marketing.

Smart affiliate marketers know that you can generate great commissions even with just a small amount of traffic that is highly relevant to the offer you are promoting. It’s all about what you say, who you say it to and when you say it.

VALUE and great content!

1,000 highly relevant visitors to your site is worth more than 100,000 irrelevant visitors. Irrelevant meaning visitors that are just surfing the internet, or visitors from say traffic exchanges that are just looking for page views themselves.

Don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking more traffic is all you need to increase sales. You have to deliver your visitors great content. I mean what is the use of thousands of visitors if none of them ever buy anything or even come back to your site. You want returning visitors not one and gone.

MYTH 3: Affiliate Marketing Is Dead

Some may think that affiliate marketing is a thing of the past, and you don’t really have a chance at succeeding at it today.

There are generally two reasons why people would say it’s dead:

1. They tried it and failed. Therefore everyone else is destined to fail at it too.

2. They don’t understand it well enough.

The thing is that affiliate programs will always exist because companies will always be releasing new products and wanting more sales. Having an affiliate program lets companies scale up their marketing and access audiences they otherwise would have to pay thousands to speak to by way of more traditional marketing channels.

And because there are always new products, there will always be new niches for people to get into. It’s a never-ending marketing cycle! Basically affiliate marketing as a whole is evergreen!

So the affiliate marketing myth of it being dead? Not even close Affiliate Marketing as a business across all niches is actually expected to increase. According to a post from Huffpost Having been forecast to reach $6.8 billion by 2020, affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing channel that advertisers and publishers are increasingly using to get in front of the right audience and monetize their content. You can read the rest of their article here. Let that sink in for a minute 6.8 Billion by next year and the trend is predicted to continue its upwards trend past 2020.


Myth 4: Your Posts Will Immediately Get Tons Of Likes And Shares On Social Media

If you’ve been blogging for awhile or if you have any type of website even ecommerce you probably already know this.Unless you’re a celebrity, it’s crazy to think your posts will automatically go viral. The chances are good that your posts won’t get the exposure you want without working hard at promoting them and spreading awareness. Not only that but you have to have good SEO in place for the search engines to take notice, especially Google.

Plus it’s no different for your promotional content. You have to work hard to get it out there. Not saying that some of your posts might go viral, I would love if all of mine did I won’t lie LOL but you must know that it will not be likely. So do not believe this myth if you come across this one it will probably be connected to a useless product promises you the moon, and all the likes and shares you will never get!

MYTH 5: Only A Few Niches Are Profitable

Another myth you shouldn’t make the mistake of believing is that only some niches are profitable and the rest aren’t. That’s the mentality of people who have no clue how marketing works.

The truth is that ALL niches can be profitable if you know how and where and to whom to promote your offers.

Even if you’re promoting ballpens and notebooks, which are rarely considered popular affiliate products to promote, you can still get sales if you have good marketing sense and you bring your potential customers value.

Put your focus on connecting buyers to the right products at the right time. That may mean focusing on selling to school teachers rather than to blue-collar workers. Think about the audience you have (or want) and connect them with the right products. Get creative and use your imagination. You can make any niche profitable if you set your mind and heart to it!

I was reading an article the other day that highlighted some interesting niche ideas

How to Make Money from Home Ideas There’s a Niche for That


MYTH 6: It’s All About Earning Commissions And Sales

Contrary to popular belief, affiliate marketing isn’t all money and sales.Of course, that’s the good part, but remember that if you do join affiliate programs and promote products on your site you will have to take a lot of other things into consideration.

You have the content, SEO, link-building, social media marketing, website optimization, and everything else in between that you will need to learn to make money from it. Also, contrary to what a lot of so called gurus would lead you to believe, I am talking about the ones that get-rich-quick or promise you the moon, most successful affiliate marketers (myself included) truly want to help solve problems. Does not matter the niche, if they are in the make money online niche successful marketers want to solve the problem of how you can make money from home or for extra bills etc. If you are into say the health and fitness niche again successful affiliate marketers will try to solve whatever problem you are looking for when it comes to health and fitness.

MYTH 7: Affiliate Marketing Is On The Decline

As I’ve mentioned above, affiliate marketing will continue to thrive and flourish so long as companies want to stay in business. And companies will always want to stay in business. Don’t automatically buy into anyone who tells you that affiliate

marketing isn’t worth doing. Do your own research and really understand if what others tell you is true or not.

Remember, people who are quick to give up never make it anywhere in life. It’s the people who are determined enough and resourceful enough to reach their goals, whether it be in life or affiliate marketing, that make the impossible possible.

MYTH 8: Just Having Content Is Enough

Content creation is the first and one of the most important steps in affiliate marketing.

And while it’s true that having content on your site is what drives your affiliate marketing, the work doesn’t end there.

You’ll also need to spread your content and get people to really engage with your site. Like I just mentioned above if your content sheds light on things they’re confused about or solves a burning problem, they won’t hesitate to follow your product

recommendations. Again I can not emphasis enough content yes but overall value to the reader is where it really is.


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  1. The most important things to note is that it is difficult to do affiliate marketing if you are just starting out and it takes a lot to get to a point where you are proficient. You should always look to be unique and be relevant to what people are looking for. Which of these has helped you the most in affiliate marketing?

    1. Thank you for commenting. One of the things that helped me the most was knowing that it would not be a get rich overnight deal. I got into this with the mindset that affiliate marketing was a business. This was not the first time I had tried affiliate marketing,years ago when I tried it I had a different view from what I have now and it has made all the difference.

      Approach affiliate marketing like a business and than build a business that you can be proud of!

  2. I agree with this so much.  Easy?  Nope but what is.  I don’t think easy is the only factor to quality of life.  Being able to generate leads, move digital traffic around and get people to buy what you are selling is a skill set that has to be developed.  When the light bulb went off that it was possible it changed my life.

     When the nay say’s get to talking about it being dead, I only wonder how long they made it before they gave up.  Its the most beautiful snowball you ever saw.  When your funnel, blog, or website breaks out it is the most satisfying feeling in the world!

    Thanks for the value, Thanks for your time! 

    Have An Awesome Day! 

    1. Wonderful of you to read and take the time to comment. Not only that but your comment is also an inspiration.I think at least in my experience the ones that say affiliate marketing is dead have only given it about a month or two at most. Some not even a week. Thank you again for your post.

  3. Excellent point of discourse you addressed up here. These myths youve addresssed are the real reasons people get tire of affiliate marketing so easily if they cannot make a breakthrough or get the desired success as thought by them before venturing into affiliate marketing. My high point of this post is the fact that most affiliates sees affiliate marketing as just a miracle done-deal for them that will just start providing money for them even without any efforts whatsoever. 

    1. Yes one of my key points that I was trying to get across. Yes affiliate marketing is an awesome business but you do have to get into it with the mindset that it is a business not a make money overnight deal.

  4. Hi Cathy! You have given some very good information here to encourage people to try Affiliate Marketing for the first time or give it another try. Simply because there are people out there who shamefully misrepresent it as a way to make a quick buck.

    While that may be the case by some It is very harmful to say someone will jump into it and start making considerable money quickly and in a sustained matter. 

    There is just too much competition out there. You then hit on some other very crucial and important areas even for veterans like me. 

    All content is not good content. It needs to be of high quality and get in front of an targeted audience. 

    I really enjoyed this

    1. Absolutely,anybody can make content and in high quantities but to be sustainable your content should have value. Quantity is only secondary. Quality is everything.Even the algorithms that search engines use especially Google look at the quality first.

  5. Hello Cathy,

    This is a well-written post which cleverly covers all the major myths of Affiliate marketing, which in turn provides “value” for your visitors who are immersed in a maze of unscrupulous “become rich overnight- scams”. I like the way you have explained that more traffic is not equal to “more money” – This information is really valuable to me and this is my key takeaway. My opinion is that there should be a balance of quantity and quality!

    One other myth you can probably add is similar to “You need to have managed many affiliate programs to succeed” from jeffbullas dt com.

    P.S: I noticed that in Myth 1,7 & 8 the paragraphs are broken. I am not sure if it’s my browser or if you have left the gap intentionally – you might want to check it out.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and to respond. I am so glad to hear you got value out of this as well. In reference to myth 1,7 and 8 having a gap I will take a look,thank you for pointing this out.

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